An explosion occurred near the airport in Kabul

Breaking news… The sound of an explosion was heard in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. It was stated that the explosion occurred near the airport. Officials have not yet made a statement about whether he is dead or injured.

A News Broadcasting Coordinator Orhan Sali talked about the latest situation from a point close to the region. “According to preliminary information, the rocket hit a house,” Sali said. said.

Sali used the following statements in the continuation of his statements:

A few minutes ago there was a rocket attack near Kabul Airport. Smoke began to rise after the attack. We are very close to there. According to preliminary information, the rocket hit a house. There is damage to the house, but from here the Taliban went to the airport in a convoy. A few days ago, at least 200 people were killed and more than 2,000 injured in explosions near the airport.

details will come…

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