Hyundai Crete 2022 Preview | Technology is the soul of the SUV

The new generation of Hyundai Creta was introduced this week and is already making waves in the media and among customers. With a completely modified design, a complete set of equipment and new engines, the compact SUV, which was already a sales success, has all the attributes to continue as a great option in the already saturated Brazilian market, currently dominated by this type of vehicle.

All the changes applied to Crete were more than necessary and corrected some problems presented by the car in its previous generation, such as fuel consumption and safety items. And even though the design is now controversial, there’s a certain air of exclusivity that lingers in the layout of the optics and some of the items inside the cab.

Canaltech went to Haras Tuiuti, in the interior of São Paulo, to see the great news from Hyundai in Brazil in 2022 up close and will tell you the first impressions in contact with the SUV.

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(Image: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

First impressions

The Hyundai Creta 2022 has evolved and this is undeniable. As much as its design can generate nasty and even unnecessary comments, its mechanical set and technology and comfort items took an absurd leap when compared to the previous generation, not to mention safety, which is another strong point of this car. The question, however, was how it would behave with the 120hp Kappa 1.0 Turbo engine, the same that equips the top-of-the-line HB20.

(Image: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

In tests with the Creta 2022 on the Haras Tuiuti track, we realized that the version with 1.0 turbo propeller was a hit by Hyundai when we thought about agility for urban use, as it delivers 17.5 kgf/m of torque in just 1500 rpm. In other words: when you think about stepping on the accelerator, all the power of the car comes at your feet and goes to the wheels. This makes driving in the city much more pleasant and agile.

We will still be evaluating Crete in the city to bring more details about this, but the first impression in this regard was positive. Different, for example, when we demand in higher speed situations and resumed. The feeling is that the SUV ran out of breath, mainly due to its weight of 1,270 kg and lack of power, revealing Hyundai’s intention with the 1.0 turbo propeller.

(Image: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

In the top-of-the-range variant, the Ultimate, equipped with the new version of the 2.0 engine, which now delivers 167hp (previously 166hp), the situation is slightly reversed. The extra cavalry gave the SUV more driving pleasure in situations above 80km/h. The big question, however, must be consumption, which we will only be able to assess when we take the car to use on a daily basis.

Internal Reform

The cabin life of the Hyundai Creta 2022 was its biggest leap in quality when compared to the previous generation, especially in the high-end version. In it, we can enjoy items such as adaptive autopilot, automatic emergency braking, 360° camera, blind spot alert with images, lane departure warning system with active correction and, of course, the excellent multimedia center of 10.25 inches, equipped as standard with the Bluelink system, which we will also test later.

(Image: Felipe Ribeiro/Canaltech)

The materials and finish have also improved, with a more refined look and greater care in the fittings. It lacked, however, the use of soft touch on the dashboard, mainly in view of the price of the car.



initial assessment

The first impressions of the new Hyundai Creta 2022 were the best possible and we are looking forward to using it in everyday life and everyday activities, proposals that serve the public that seeks this type of car well. The new engines and the excellent technological package are in the spotlight and should, without a doubt, be the highlights of this car.

Canaltech traveled to Tuiuti, in the interior of São Paulo, at the invitation of Hyundai do Brasil.

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