The best GTA 5 mods

Grand Theft Auto V was released by Rockstar Games on computers in 2015, unlocking the full potential of having mods that completely change the experience. The dedicated community wasted no time and began to produce several modifications to the game. New looks for cars, weapons and clothing were the first, but later, grandiose designs began to appear.

Some mods are simply intended to change the style of the game a little and give a “new life” to the game, but others even allow the player to access areas that were previously impossible or limited to missions — and to top it off, discover many interesting facts . There are also those that embody the spirit of GTA V and allow thousands of randomness.

For you who want to change the look of your game, want to discover a secret or even just have fun without taking anything seriously, Canaltech has separated the best GTA 5 PC mods.

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10. Farming Life Project

À la Farming Simulator, players can experience as a farmer. In the normal game, the closest thing to this is to drive tractors around Sandy Shores, but with the mod it is possible to plow the land, plant seeds and harvest crops. The player still needs to buy materials and can even buy more farms around the region.

9. Ped Riot

In GTA San Andreas, there is a code that enables “Chaos Mode”, which makes civilians aggressive, makes them run with televisions down the street and even leaves houses on fire. This GTA V mod raises the bar by arming pedestrians (from pistols to miniguns) and making them fight each other. Soon, Los Santos is chaotic in a setting worthy of apocalypse.


8. Gang and Turf

The fight between Grove Street, Ballas and Vagos is sidelined in the history of the fifth game, although Franklin and Lamar have some connection with the “green gang”. However, the mod brings out all these matches and more, putting all sorts of groups to fight. Motorcyclists, criminals and the military can turn the city upside down at any time.

7. Skate V

If your office is on the beach and you’re always in the area, paddling around Vespucci Beach could be your new experience. The mod is limited, meaning you can’t send a hellflip 180º. However, running along the sidewalks (and even in the sand) and using the shape as a weapon is free in the game.

6. Benny’s Motorworks SP

The GTA Online Tuning Workshop brings the various interior, bodywork, mechanical and many other modifications to offline mode. Thus, lowriders and other vehicles can get a face from Midnight Club and Need for Speed.

5. Fuel Script V Mod

A simple mod, but one that makes any open world experience more realistic is that of gasoline in cars. GTA 5 already does a great job of limiting vehicles if they are badly damaged, but adding “real” fuel tanks, escape missions and even mixed with other mods, which makes everything more interesting.

4. Multiplayer Co-op

The fun with GTA V goes beyond playing together with a friend. The mod gives access to servers and allows players to do the story missions in pairs or simply cause around town. Overall, it’s just like playing regular multiplayer, but with the iconic campaign phases.

3. Simple Zombies

Perhaps the undead are the most common monsters in pop culture. Movies, series and games have creatures in their plots, but of course modders out there will have creations to shove monsters into any game. In this experience, the player has to build a camp, sleep and eat, be careful not to shoot at friends and avoid making noises to attract zombies.

2. Open All Interiors

Ports lose all their restriction utility with this mod. With it installed, the player can enter any establishment in Los Santos or Sandy Shores, even those that are only accessible in missions. There are several open and recreated places that can be freely explored by the player.

1. Menyoo PC

In modified PlayStation2 GTA San Andreas, the command “R2+Arrow Up” releases the mod menu, capable of changing the character’s skin, placing people and vehicles on the map and much more. In this GTA 5 mod, this is also possible and even more. The “super menu” allows the player to go anywhere on the map and even insert any object, literally. From motorcycles to buildings, you can create anything. Not even imagination is the limit for this modification.

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