What is GTA RP

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto V on computers, Rockstar’s game has been receiving several mods, until it finally arrives on GTA RP servers (acronym for “roleplay”, which means role-playing). Virtual places are, in short, a cluster of different modifications, for playing games and creating your own stories with friends or other people on the PC.

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Which is

This digital environment is widely used for content production, whether in videos or live broadcasts, in which players act with their avatars. They can be doctors, police, drivers, criminals, businessmen and so on, as long as they always stay in character.

How it works

To have fun on the servers, you have to be on paper all the time. People will interact with the player and, if he plays without being part of the “universe”, he may be suspended or even banned. Among the most popular RP servers are Cidade Alta (from the LOUD eSports team), Complex (from the Fluxo team), Kamikaze, Bahamas City, France, VRRP and many others.

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How to enter GTA RP

Joining these servers is not as simple as just logging into any online game. Many require experience in the “modality”, have selection processes, take roleplaying tests and have waiting lists to start playing. In other words, it’s like being an actor in a virtual play, in which the player can be the protagonist, the supporting role and even the extra.

Most servers do this process through the voice and text application Discord, where they announce news, open new vacancies and also select participants. Generally speaking, these are the most common practices, but smaller servers may have fewer steps and some differences to participate.

Another program used is TeamSpeak, for everyone to communicate within the game. The software is similar to Discord and also has separate channels, thus organizing conversations and even simulating cell phone calls between characters.

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Even with such success, the versions are unofficial from Rockstar Games, whose only multiplayer from the developer is GTA Online. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and attentive when downloading to the computer. Each server has its own peculiarity when installing and uses its own programs and specifications. Mistakes during the process can generate errors in GTA V and require the game to be reinstalled.

Many brands and companies have also used GTA RP to sponsor special events. One example was Carnaval 2021, when a small block was held, with the right to a trio elétrico, abadás and a show by the musical group Monobloco.

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