The 10 most watched movies of the week (08/28/2021)

Agosto is already saying goodbye, but not before bringing some more films to kill our nostalgia for cinemas. And while many people still don’t feel safe going back to an exhibition room, streaming services continue to play this fundamental role of bringing us all the news from Hollywood. Proof of this is that Space Jam: A New Legacy has barely made it to HBO Max and has already appeared on our list of most-watched movies of the week. And it’s no surprise, since the sequel to the 1990s long-running classic comes full of references and with some new features to attract a more up-to-date audience.

Also beautiful is Tenet, who was also released in the Warner streaming catalog a short time ago and has once again awakened the interest of Brazilians. We just don’t know if it’s because people really fell in love with Christopher Nolan’s work or because they had to watch it more than once to understand the story.

It is worth noting that there is still no official tool to measure movie audiences in streaming and video-on-demand services and that the best way to do this measurement is from JustWatch, a platform that helps users find what they need. watch and also what streaming content is available.

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So, based on these data, we arrived at an approximate ranking of which were the most watched movies in Brazil this week.

10. What Really Matters

Produced in a partnership between Canada, the United States and Spain, What Really Matters is one of those overcoming stories very focused on faith and rediscovering spirituality — a genre that has been very successful on streaming platforms. The story revolves around an engineer who lives penniless in London, until he is surprised by the offer of a distant uncle: all his bills will be paid, but only if he moves to a small town in Canada.

Upon accepting the proposal, the protagonist goes on a journey of self-discovery—including of gifts that he himself had rejected in the past. It’s a light movie with a cute message, perfect for you to watch with the family on a Sunday afternoon.

What Really Matters is available on Prime Video and for rental on iTunes and Google Play.

9. Hereditary

The new generation of horror cinema got a new lease of life thanks to directors who brought truly innovative ideas to the genre — and Hereditary is one of the main examples of this revival. Instead of monsters and people dying in the most violent ways possible, the film bets on psychological and supernatural tension to build fear and does it all very well.

Given this, the story is even relatively simple, revolving around a mother and daughter who begin to discover the family’s secrets. It’s just that things get deeper and heavier until they get completely out of control in a way that we don’t expect.

Hereditary is available on HBO Max and for rental on iTunes, Claro Video and Google Play.

8. The Art of Self-Defense

The premise of The Art of Self-Defense is even reminiscent of the classic Karate Kid: a quiet guy (played here by Jesse Eisenberg, the Lex Luthor of Batman vs. Superman: The Origin of Justice) decides to enter a karate course after being targeted of an attack in the middle of the street. But things quickly get out of hand when he realizes that the classes become almost a cult of manhood.

The big point of the film is the debate about toxic masculinity, which manages to be done in a mixture of comedy with a tension that draws to suspense. It may not be a movie for everyone, but it managed to get Brazilians’ attention to appear in our list of most watched movies of the week.

The Art of Self-Defense is available on Netflix and for rental on Claro Video, Google Play and iTunes.

7. Churchill’s Spies

For those who enjoy historical dramas, Churchill’s Spies is an excellent choice. The story is moving and follows two women living in France during the period when the country was under Nazi rule. So, even at risk, they start working as spies for the British government.

Based on real events, the plot revolves mainly around Vera Atkins, a woman who was recruited by Winston Churchill himself to oversee the secret agents who sabotaged the German army in Paris.

Churchill’s Spies is available on Netflix.

6. Beautiful Revenge

This is one of those necessary movies for the present time, but one that is very well packaged in an immersive thriller story. The film tells the story of a young woman who pretends to be drunk in bars to see if some malicious man will try to take advantage of her state to do something. And from that, she begins her revenge.

The premise itself is quite interesting, but it plays the protagonist Cassie (Carey Mulligan) very well, building this vengeful behavior with traumas from the past. So you get stuck in the story wanting to know the resolution of that story. As if that wasn’t enough, he also collected several awards around the world, including the BAFTA for best original screenplay.

Bela Vingança is available for rental on Claro Video, Google Play and Apple TV.

5. A Quiet Place

The debut of its sequence in theaters and the anticipation of its arrival on streaming made the Brazilian watch the first Um Lugar Silencioso and remember how incredible this film is. And by the time it’s been appearing on our weekly list, word of mouth is making a lot of people aware of this modern classic as well.

All this thanks to a simple but absurdly immersive story: a family tries to survive in a world where monsters pick up every sound. So they have to survive in absolute silence – something very difficult to do, especially when there is an infant in the middle.

A Silent Place is in the catalogs of Paramount+, NOW and Oi Play, and can also be rented on Clarovideo. The title is still being sold and rented on the Play Store, Microsoft Store and iTunes.

4. Family Justice

Jason Momoa decided to show that, in addition to Aquaman, he also knows how to be a great family man – even if it means keeping his daughter from being killed. In Family Justice, the actor has to deal with the loss of his wife after a pharmacist takes the only medicine that kept her alive from the market.

But things start to get complicated when she decides to go after justice and discovers some secrets about the company that put him and his daughter in the sights of very dangerous people — and then she has to run to protect everything that’s left to her.

Family Justice is an original production by Netflix.

3. Tenet

Christopher Nolan’s latest film arrived with the promise of saving the cinema after months of pandemic. It didn’t, but it’s still an excellent film that carries all the director’s signatures. He’s big, full of crazy ideas and a little hard to understand.

It’s even difficult to explain what Tenet is without getting into big spoilers. The story starts from the notion that there is a way to turn time back almost literally — that is, backwards — and that someone in the future is using it to rewrite history. So a special agency needs to find the culprit and prevent reality from being reset.

Tenet has just arrived on HBO Max, but is also available on Oi Play. For those who want to buy it, the movie is on sale on Google Play, Microsoft Store and iTunes.

2. Infinite

You know those crazy science-fictions full of twists and concepts that border on the absurd? Infinite is packed with it all and that’s why it ranks third on our list. The curious thing is that he mixes a lot of ideas that we’ve seen in movies of the genre, ranging from Looper and Jumper to Avenger of the Future.

The plot revolves around Evan McCauley (Mark Wahlberg), who begins to develop skills he never learned and to have memories of things he never lived. Without understanding what’s going on and questioning his own sanity, he comes across a group called Infinite who will explain that all of this is real and how he’s part of something much bigger.

Infinite is available on Paramount+ and for rental on Now, Google Play and iTunes.

1. Space Jam: A New Legacy

The sequel to the classic Michael Jordan and Bugs movie hit theaters after more than 20 years and shows that the idea of ​​putting cartoons alongside basketball stars still works very well. In A New Legacy, we follow LeBron James going to the world of Looney Tunes to save his son, having to defeat a dangerous algorithm to do so.

In addition to making several references to the original feature and updating a lot of the concept, the film also plays with dozens of other Warner franchises, which makes it a huge salad of references — something we always love to follow.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is available on HBO Max and also for rental on Now, Looke, iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft Store.

Source: JustWatch

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