5 Mobile PDF Readers You Need to Know

It is important to keep a PDF reader installed on your phone. In addition to opening important documents such as bills and contracts, this app category can also be used to read books in the format. The Google Play Store and the App Store offer different versions of readers adapted to specific situations, such as use at work and tools for daily reading.

Among the most common functions in these applications, you can add bookmarks to pages, annotate and create reading lists. If you’re looking for a handy reader to access your PDF files, check out these suggestions for Android and iOS!

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: free installation with paid option (R$ 38.99 per month)

Acrobat Reader is one of the most popular platforms for managing PDF files on computers and mobile phones. The mobile version provides tools to edit documents, share notes and store content in a cloud library, called Document Cloud.

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Adobe’s application is one of the most popular options for reading PDF (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

For the reading of documents, the highlight is Liquid Mode, a feature that uses artificial intelligence to adapt the file to the screen of your cell phone or tablet. The PDF, in this case, has a layout similar to an HTML page and facilitates navigation. The app even offers swipe commands to change pages and a reading mode that removes distractions.

Files can be imported from your own device and from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or OneDrive accounts. With the paid version of Acrobat Reader, available for R$38.99 per month, you can access advanced PDF editing features, such as using a password and converting photos.

2. Microsoft Office

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: free installation

The Microsoft Office app acts as a hub to access the main functions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your mobile. In addition to these three main software, the app also provides resources to read QR Codes, create forms and, reaching the point of interest, read and manage PDF.

Read and edit PDF in Office (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

The reading tool allows you to change the view of pages, create bookmarks, annotate and even find specific passages in text. Outside of reading, the app stands out for the amount of resources available, which include scanning PDF documents, signing files, creating a file from images or documents and, finally, converting a PDF to a Word document.

Office can be linked with your Microsoft account to concentrate all your most important files in one place. Sync is on OneDrive, which provides 5 GB free for cloud storage and access from other devices.

3. Books

Compatibility: iOS Price: free

Also known as Apple Books, the native iOS app lets you buy and read e-books from your iPhone, and provides a space to access your PDF files in the library. Books automatically finds new documents saved in the format and stores them in a specific tab in the app.

iOS has a native option to read PDF (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

While reading, the application provides a collection of brushes and rulers to make drawings and notes in the file, an interesting option to note details while studying, for example. The app also lets you adjust screen brightness, search for text and even save your files in collections.

The Books library separates the contents of your device between books, audiobooks and PDF, with functions to create a future reading list. There is also access to Apple’s online book store, with a large collection of paid and free titles.

4. ReadEra

Compatibility: Android Price: free installation

If you are used to reading a lot on your phone, ReadEra is a simple and versatile solution to concentrate all your files in one place. The app reproduces documents in different formats, such as DOCX, EPUB, TXT and PDF, and avoids the hassle of downloading a different application to run each one.

Android application stands out for the number of compatible formats (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

ReadEra automatically checks for new text files available on your phone and updates the app’s home screen with these news. Each file can be given a series of commands to add to a reading list, mark read, save as favorite, or add to a specific collection in the library.

While reading, the app provides features to change brightness, page display and zoom. ReadEra also has a standalone Premium version with more visuals, available for R$35.99 on the Google Play Store.

5. ILovePDF

Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: free installation with paid options (R$22.90 per month or R$184.90 per year)

ILovePDF is a tool widely used on computers to convert files directly through the browser. The mobile app also brings together many functions for editing or managing files, and completes the experience with a reading tool for PDFs.

ILovePDF is a complete tool to manage files (Image: André Magalhães/Screencapture)

The reading tool is simple and allows you to create bookmarks, annotate texts and add comment windows. The great highlight of ILovePDF is regarding file management: the app provides a series of tools to compress, convert and protect PDF files, as well as a function to scan documents through your device’s camera.

The free version is limited, but it still has important functions: password protect and compress files, for example. With the premium version, offered from R$ 22.90 per month, it is possible to join files, convert to JPG, scan documents, extract texts, among other options.

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