How Neoway’s HR seeks talent in Big Data, AI and other IT areas

It’s not exactly a novelty that companies around the world are vying for the slap in the face of technology professionals. In Brazil alone, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies (Brasscom), by 2024, 421 thousand jobs will be created in the sector in the country. However, higher education courses in the area train less than 50,000 professionals in the area annually. That is, there is (a lot) of people in this market.

Therefore, companies need to be surgical when attracting talent to their staff. And this involves not only offering good salaries and benefits, but also planning for hiring, which involves an alignment between the IT and Human Resources areas. And, in the latter, the sector increasingly requires professionals with specific knowledge so that the selection of candidates is accurate.

And that’s where Tech Recruiter comes in, an HR professional specializing in hiring talent for the Technology area. This specialist is able to understand not only the so-called soft skills, but also the hard skills (specific IT knowledge), so that the candidate is aligned with the company’s digital transformation projects.

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And to explain how the process of hiring professionals for its IT area works, Canaltech talks weekly with Tech Recruiters from the biggest companies in Brazil, in addition to startups. In the chat, they will explain how the entire process is carried out, which profiles are most sought after and how these companies attract — and retain — these talents.

And in today’s edition, we spoke with Jussamara Ferreira, coordinator of people and management and business partner tech at Neoway, one of the largest Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence companies in Latin America.

Jussamara Ferreira, people and management coordinator and business partner tech at Neoway (Image: disclosure)

Check out how the chat went, prepare your resume and get to work!

Canaltech – Currently, how is the pace of hiring IT professionals at Neoway? Does the company have growth plans in the area for the coming months?

Jussamara Ferreira: The market is quite heated, which, as a result, also increases competitiveness in order to have the best professionals. Neoway has very interesting growth prospects, making our projection for hiring very optimistic. Currently, we have an average of 30 vacancies open per month. For the coming periods, we believe that this number will be between 45 and 60, with 80% being directly related to technology.

CT – When starting the process of hiring IT professionals, how is the planning done between HR and Neoway’s Technology area? What information is exchanged between the two sectors?

JM: Knowing the real needs of each team is extremely important for the people and management area and, in this way, we guarantee that all the actions we propose are aligned with the needs of the business. At Neoway, we have the practice of having a Business Partner (BP) within the teams. This is an HR professional who lives, daily, the pains and successes of the work centers, being a specialist in that structure.

As BP Tech, I am continually assisting managers in structuring teams, both in terms of the levels of expertise of professionals and in relation to the profile and ideal remuneration for the activities that will be performed. But, above all, ensuring cultural alignment, as this will ensure a more assertive hiring.

CT – What knowledge does Neoway’s HR professional currently have to select IT professionals for the company’s staff? Does he have access to some type of course to be able to select more properly for this area?

JM: Tech jobs rarely have organic application. When we announce the opportunity, the applications do not come spontaneously. Typically, the tech recruiter is the one who needs to mine talent and invite candidates to our selection process. Today, our team consists of three recruiters and two are technology experts. This specialization comes through hours of dedication.

Technical development, exchange of experiences with professionals in the field (engineers, programmers, designers, data scientists, etc.), having empirical knowledge of where to find the ideal professionals for that type of vacancy, knowing how to carry out the aproach and , finally, what to do to keep them in the company.

CT – And what is Neoway looking for today, in general, in an IT professional? Does the company prefer to invest in a more prepared professional or does it choose someone who can be molded within the company?

JM: Neoway has some strategic business objectives, one of them is the people pillar, which ends up permeating all the others. We want to have the best people highly engaged with a culture of results and high performance. Obviously, having technical knowledge is essential. However, having this cultural profile is just as, if not more, important. In addition, we seek that our employees have three behaviors, which we call successful behavior, which are protagonism, boldness and collaboration.

These behaviors are the expression of our manifesto which, in turn, is the expression of our culture. We seek to identify these behaviors from the first approach conversation, as the entire professional development process within the company will circulate through these aspects. Neoway has no doubts that its main asset is its team, which is why we have programs such as Neocareer and Neoperfomance that will help employees develop their careers and promote the monitoring of agreements and alignment with successful behaviors, respectively.

We guarantee that all open positions are directed primarily to the internal public. This year we have already had 24 vacancies filled with employee movements. When we don’t have the technical expertise we need for a given position at home, we hire professionals from the market.

CT – In general, how does the selection process of a professional in the area of ​​Technology at Neoway work? How many steps does the candidate go through before being hired?

JM: We are restructuring the ideal process for each area, as we believe they have their specificities. However, specifically for the technology areas, the steps are:

Hunting: prospecting professionals who have the profile we are looking for and inviting them to our processes.
Pitch: contact the candidate to explain our challenge and find out if the person has the profile and interest in the position; Interview with the people and management team; Technical interview and/or test; Interview with the technical team. Interview with the area manager.

It is noteworthy that competition in the search for new talent is very high. We realized that if the process takes too long, this candidate tends to lose interest.

CT – How has Neoway been dealing with the shortage of IT professionals in the market? What precautions has the company been taking to get the profile of the hired professional right?

JM: An important point that we have noticed is that traditional issues such as VR, VA and even remuneration have lost space to aspects such as purpose, challenge, possibility of personal and professional development. It’s a two-way job, where the candidate being technically excellent is important, but it’s not so prevalent anymore. In addition to following the level of excellence of our team, they must have a cultural fit aligned with ours. This is non-negotiable. The new employee must believe in our proposal, processes and the opportunity they will have in their career.

We realized that adequate remuneration and good benefits are no longer a differential. This is because professionals are increasingly looking for organizations that have a purpose, in which there are technical challenges, that these challenges are consistent with their expectation of career development.

Places where they have the opportunity to work alongside great professionals. At Neoway, we are creating an environment that responds to these desires. In addition to our business providing a technically fertile environment, we are still strengthening our culture and career development and ensuring that every new employee fits in with what we are building.

CT – And how does Neoway work with talent retention in such a disputed area and where the turnover rate is considered high?

JM: The competition for talent was extremely fierce. More than the heating of the sector, competition with international companies that often offer salaries in dollars or euros, ends up attracting candidates and makes us rethink our practices. At Neoway, we apply the termination interview when the employee is leaving.

It has been very important to raise what points we can improve and try to close these exit “doors”. The climate surveys we carried out, mainly to become a Great Place to Work (GPTW) company, are also very important indicators in this process.

The challenge is to deliver value to the employee, the challenges can be technical, career alignment or cultural. In addition to an important EVP (Employee Value Proposition) work, we are strengthening our culture by making room for our Pride (LGBTQIA+), Obá (racial inclusion and equality) and Ladies (female empowerment) committees to transform our changes internal responsibilities as citizens.

CT – With the expanded remote work due to the Covid-19 pandemic, space was opened up for companies to hire professionals from all over the country. Does Neoway work with this Anywhere Office model? If so, is it also valid for professionals from abroad or is it restricted to Brazil?

JM: The technology area already allowed remote work and we always provided our employees with tools that favored this practice. Thus, the anywhere office was already present, in some way, in our daily lives, but not as a guideline. With the pandemic, the world opened up. What was an option, became a necessity and is a reality that tends to remain.

Based on this premise, today our employees do not need to live where we are based (SP, Floripa and BSB) to be part of our team. They can be anywhere on the planet. We have cases of employees who returned to their hometown, others went to live abroad, etc. We believe this is beneficial in many ways. In addition to the well-being of people, it further expands the internal regional diversity, which favors, among other things, creativity in our work.

CT – Today, what is the average remuneration offered by Neoway at the Junior, Full and Senior levels in your IT area? Do employees also have a benefits package?

JM: The remuneration we adopt is very competitive when compared to the market. In addition, we offer a voucher for those who preferred to set up their offices in their homes, we have an allowance for the home office, we periodically carry out actions aimed at the mental health of employees, our health plan, which was regional, is now national, among other initiatives. Caring for the human being must always be the focus, especially in times like the one we are living through.

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