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Buying a new notebook or computer can sometimes lead to an initial “headache” when starting to use the device for the first time. That’s because some products — especially imported models — arrive with settings in another language, which makes your keyboard, in turn, a little different as well.

As a result, the user may find it somewhat difficult to adapt to the new computer and typing becomes particularly problematic, with keyboard shortcuts that do not work or incorrect placement of punctuations and accents on the keys.

But why does this happen? Generally, the keyboard is configured in English or a language other than Brazilian Portuguese, so its keys reflect the standards created in the respective country. However, changing the settings to Portuguese and choosing a Brazilian standard, such as ABNT and ABNT2 is very simple and Canaltech will help you in this tutorial.

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It is worth noting that in the tutorial a notebook with Windows 10 was used, it is possible that some steps have different paths in models with other versions of the operating system.

How to change the keyboard in Windows 10

Step 1: Click on the start menu icon or press the Windows key on your keyboard; Step 2: Click on “Settings” on the left sidebar of the menu; (Image: Bruno Bertonzin/Canaltech) Step 3: Select the option “Time and language”, in the middle of the second line; (Image: Bruno Bertonzin/Canaltech) Step 4: Click on “Language” in the options bar on the left of the screen; Step 5: Click on “Add a language” and search for Portuguese (Brazil) or one you prefer; Step 6: Click on “Português (Brazil)” and then on “Options”; (Image: Bruno Bertonzin/Canaltech) Step 7: Scroll the page to the end, in the “Keyboards” area and click on “Add a keyboard”. Search for Brazil ABNT, ABNT2 or another one of your choice. (Image: Bruno Bertonzin/Canaltech)

Now everything is ready and you can use your keyboard with the default settings you prefer.

What is the shortcut to change the keyboard in Windows 10?

After adding the new keyboard patterns, you can also configure shortcuts to quickly switch between the already defined options. This is especially useful if you use two keyboards with different standards, like your notebook’s international keyboard and an external ABNT keyboard, for example. Usually, some key combinations already do this function and the user can press “Ctrl + Shift” or “Windows + space” to change between settings.

In addition, “Alt + Shift” also allows you to see the available patterns, but you have to click with the mouse to select an option. This key combination can be changed and it is also possible to define other shortcuts:

Step 1: Go back an option in the configuration screen of the previous tutorial; Step 2: Click on “Keyboard”; (Image: Bruno Bertonzin/Canaltech) Step 3: Select “Access keys for input language”; (Image: Bruno Bertonzin/Canaltech) Step 4: Choose an option in the “Access keys for input language” block and click on “Change Key Sequence”. (Image: Bruno Bertonzin/Canaltech)

It is important to note, however, that the pre-defined settings are enough to quickly change between saved patterns. Anyway, adding more shortcuts is up to each user’s taste.

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