Two senior Daesh Khorasani killed

Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby shared the latest details about the attacks in Afghanistan.

The explanation is as follows:

We targeted the DAESH-Khorasan planner. Two senior Daesh-Khorasanians were killed and one injured. We’re talking about zero civilian casualties. We will maintain our capacity to protect ourselves and we will protect our over-the-horizon possibilities.


Our evacuation process of American citizens and Afghans continues. There are 1400 people at the airport. They are expected to leave the country today. We will also take civilians on military planes until the last moment. Yesterday, 32 US army planes hijacked about 4,000 personnel from the country. 34 coalition planes also took off. 2 thousand 800 people left with these planes. 66 planes took off in a 24-hour period. The total number of evacuees exceeded 117 thousand. Most of them are Afghan civilians, about 5,400 of them American citizens. The threats are still quite large and serious. Our military duty has come to an end, and thousands of our army members are making an effort to complete this important mission.

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