Khan Academy Launches Free Program With Material From Stanford University

Khan Academy launched the 2021 edition of Khanpeonato, a type of free scavenger hunt with activities and challenges in various subjects proposed by teachers to their respective students. The program will bring this year a competitive ranking of students and exclusive content from Perts, a Stanford University (USA) program that seeks to encourage students from underprivileged communities.

Registration will start on August 30th and Khanpeonato takes place between September 8th and December 5th. By reaching level 6 of the campaign progress bar, teachers can earn a certificate of completion and schools can be awarded if they meet the necessary requirements. To learn more about the campaign, access the regulation and guide to participate.

In addition to having the intention of motivating students to master skills through gamification, the event aims to enable teachers to better understand what encourages their students or not. Entrants can also enter prize draws such as Chromebooks computers, Wacom tablets and Khan Academy kits.

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The contents of Khanpeonato are chosen by the teachers, including mathematics, science and Portuguese in line with the BNCC (National Common Curriculum Base). After the activities are reported, students work as a team to carry them out. “Our goal is to promote moments of relaxation in the midst of learning, so that the study can be light and fun”, says Paulo Bellé, marketing manager at Khan Academy Brazil.

Khan Academy is an NGO founded in 2008 in the US that seeks to provide free and quality education around the world remotely over the internet. Its content is free because the entity has financial support from partners such as the Gates Foundation, Google, Lemann Foundation and others.

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