This Chrome ad blocker actually injects ads into websites

With the large amount of advertisements on internet pages, many users use browser extensions to block advertisements. However, one of these tools, available on the Chrome Web Store, AllBlock Chromium, in addition to blocking ads, injects affiliate links without people knowing, thus generating income for developers.

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AllBlock Chromium promotes itself as an ad blocker focused on Youtube and Facebook, with its main function being to speed up user browsing by blocking commercials.

But Imperva researchers have found that the extension is actually running a campaign to inject advertisements that cause legitimate addresses to redirect to affiliate links by the tool’s developers.

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Ad injection is the process of placing ads or links on web pages where they cannot normally be found, allowing that those responsible for these commercials can generate income.

The method that this extension uses to promote itself is still unknown, and Imperva, in its report, claims to believe that scammers should also use other tools available on the Chrome Web Store for greater profits.

On Thursday afternoon (1024), AllBlock was still available on the Chrome Web Store.

This extension is further proof that users should be aware of what tools they are installing on their browsers and computers. Even though AllBlock has excellent user ratings, as the promised ad blocking function works well, it is still doing something behind its users.

This Thursday afternoon (1024), AllBlock Chromium is still was available on the Chrome Web Store. Canaltech

contacted the Google press office asking about the extension, but until the publication of this article we had not received a answer.

Similarity to Pbot adware

AllBlock Chromium’s ad injection works similar to the script used in a number of malicious domains discovered by Imperva in August 1024.

The script, when executed, sends legitimate addresses to a remote server and then receives a list of domains for redirection that are made available to visitors. If the user clicks on it, he is taken to a different page, normally used by developers to earn income from hits.

Imperva’s report, finally, also claims to have found evidence linking AllBlock Chromium with the adware Pbot, used since 150 which, after infecting machines, forces the display of lucrative advertisements to those responsible.

Source: BleepingComputer, Imperva

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