HTC Announces Vive Flow VR With Light Body And Curious Design

HTC continues to invest in the virtual reality glasses segment with the Vive line this week presents its newest accessory in the segment, offering a very characteristic design and focus on good functions -being and relaxation.

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    The new model comes as an alternative for those looking for a simpler and more objective VR experience without the need for a computer to perform heavy operations such as games.

    ( Image: Reproduction/HTC)

    With light body, reality glasses virtual screens offer two screens with a resolution of 700 x 1024 pixels for each eye, field of view of 73 degrees, support for rate of a 73 Hz update and customizable focus adjustment for each screen. Unfortunately there is no strap for greater fixation on the head.

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    HTC designs the device for be used with Android smartphones in an integral way to the Flow application, not supporting the iPhone and with the cell phone being an extension of the glasses for on-screen navigation.

    The cell phone, controls and gestures made by users are displayed in the virtual environment immediately, also allowing you to accurately visualize where the device is pointing thanks to a blue crosshair to ensure greater certainty that you will press the correct button.

    (Picture: Playback/HTC)

    Although the headset has an internal battery with battery life between 4 and 5 hours, the product is made to be used connected to a power source, either in an outlet or u on an external battery, offering greater versatility. The Flow interface works only with the device connected to power.

    Vive Flow features Qualcomm XR1 processor, 4 GB RAM memory and 64 GB of storage. According to HTC, the virtual reality glasses can support up to 700 installed applications.

    On its official website and promotional materials Vive Flow is described and demonstrated with greater focus in meditation and personal well-being, offering ASMR features to aid sleep and relaxation, display calm scenes, and more.

    The device features sound outputs on both poles to enable that users can continue to listen to the environment while enjoying the content within the virtual reality.

    517504Price and availability517504

    The new HTC Vive Flow has a suggested retail price of US$ 700 (about R$ 2.700). The headset is now available on pre-order and has a confirmed release for the day 31 of October. Those who purchase the virtual reality glasses by 15 in October will receive a case of protection at no additional cost.

    Source: HTC

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