TecToy invests BRL 200 million and bets on a portfolio with retail devices

Famous in the 1980s and 1990s for manufacturing video games and technological toys, TecToy is increasingly betting on its new product portfolio in the telephony, gamer, audio and internet of things (IoT) segments. A year ago, the company introduced the TecToy On cell phone. During the pandemic, it launched speakers, headsets, gaming accessories (such as keyboards and joysticks) and a smartwatch.

Now, it has joined the Chinese company Sunmi and has already certified more than 40 products for the retail market. These are traditional POS, self checkout kiosks and intelligent payment terminals. The devices use artificial intelligence combined with IoT and are geared towards the needs of Commerce 4.0.

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To expand production capacity, the company remodeled the factory it has at the Manaus Industrial Pole. The more than 300 employees who work at the unit are responsible for manufacturing its main products.

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About BRL 200 million in investments

Investments and acquisitions already total around R$ 200 million. “Our mission is to develop innovative products to meet and exceed the expectations of our consumers”, explains Valdeni Rodrigues, CEO of TecToy. “Our goal is to be the largest domestic consumer electronics industry in the coming years”, he concludes.

Another bet of the brand is to encourage the experimentation of its new products. To this end, it opened 15 stores that function as showrooms: two in Rio de Janeiro (Galeria Extra da Barra da Tijuca and Galeria Extra da Vila Isabel) and the others in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Manaus and Brasilia. By the end of the year, the brand wants to have similar units in all Brazilian states.

Rodrigues emphasizes that the idea is to maintain the connection with customers beyond the moment of purchase. “In our stores you can find everything from technical assistance and maintenance to added services, offered through the brand’s partners”, he completes.

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