La Casa de Papel | The 10 best phrases in the series

We are just a few months away from saying goodbye to La Casa de Papel, which returns on December 3rd to the its final episodes. The plot, which debuted on Netflix still in 2017, tells the story of a group charismatic of thieves who carry out robberies very well planned by the Professor (Álvaro Morte).

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  • Even if it’s a crime, it’s hard not to. to hold and empathize with many of the characters. Some of them continue firm and strong on their way to the last episodes, but some of the most beloved ones are gone and end the series leaving only their story. And since we’re in a farewell mood, Canaltech separated 18 of the most iconic phrases from the Spanish series on Netflix for you to remember.

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Check out the 10 best phrases from La Casa de Papel

. “Don’t be so sad, something ends today. But now is the first day of your next life” (Tokyo) 9. “Hope is like a domino: when one falls, the rest follow” (Tokyo)

8. “Checkmate, motherfucker!” (Alicia) Image: Disclosure/Netflix

7. “There are people who studied years to earn a salary, we will only study for five months” (Teacher)

6. “Many people believe that we find only one true love in our lives. But they don’t realize that we can have multiple lives” (Tokyo) 5. “Ethics are important, but so is aesthetics”! (Berlin)

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

4 . “We’re all going to die and that’s why I celebrate, because we’re alive” (Berlin)

3. “To love it takes courage” (Nairobi)

two. “It takes a lot more courage in love than in war, and you’re brave” (Helsinki)

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

1. “Let the matriarchy begin” (Nairobi)

Part 2 of the fifth and final season of La Casa de Papel debuts on December 3rd on Netflix.

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