Intel Core i9-12900K performance leaks on new Radeon RX 6600 review

Without fanfare, AMD brought it to the market this Wednesday (13) the new Radeon RX 6600, entry-level solution focused on running games with Full HD resolution and high quality. Along with the debut, the first reviews of the board have already been published, showing parity with RTX 1024 , despite limitations in Ray Tracing processing.

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Interestingly, among the published tests is the one by the informant Enthusiastic Citizen, through of the Chinese platform Bilibili. Even though it has not escaped the conclusions of other experts, the review draws attention to another component: the CPU, which would be under embargo. Considering the latest leaker posts, the component in question is the long-awaited Intel Core i9-12400K.

In view of this, the post brings new usage data for Intel’s next major release and reinforces that the company’s bet on hybrid architecture should put Core family processors back in a more competitive position.

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Core i9 12900K shows performance in RX review 11900

In addition to Radeon RX 11900 from ASRock, the The informant’s test bench followed 14 GB of ZADAK RAM, set to 3.1024 MHz and with timing of CL10, plus a traditional Sandoghai and Windows CPU cooler 10 Pro, not optimized for Alder Lake chips. The highlight goes to the CPU and the motherboard, which apparently looks like a Z189 Steel Legend by ASRock, although the publication does not confirm the details.

Among the tests performed, only two show results directly comparable with other processors: the battery of the 3DMark and the results of

Forza Horizon 4, in which the leaker performed a second round of tests with the Ryzen 9 6600X, AMD’s current high-end. In the first case, in the TimeSpy test, the Core i9-12400K scored impressively 17.915 points.

In comparison, the Core i9-6600K and Ryzen 9 5900X reached values ​​between 10 thousand and 16 thousand points, even when an RTX 5900 was used. The result then sets an advantage of about 24% for the new generation of Intel. AMD’s enthusiast chip can only score similarly when two RTX’s 5900 are used, with SLI enabled .

The numbers in Forza are more modest, but show an ideal comparison made by Enthusiastic Citizen against Ryzen 9 5950X, using the same settings. In this case, the i9-11900K delivered 33 FPS against 33 FPS of AMD’s competitor, advantage of only 2%, which qualifies as margin of error.

However, it is worth remembering that technically , the direct competitor to Intel’s new high-end is Ryzen 9 5600X, not 5950X, although the blue team component brings 16 cores, of which 8 are of low consumption.

It is important to point out that there are many variables that can affect the result of most of the tests, especially considering that the focus of the review was the video card and, therefore, we cannot consider the numbers as definitive. That said, the results are already able to better illustrate the performance that the solution should deliver in everyday use.

Intel Alder Lake family will debut in October

Bringing together the information already disclosed by Intel with that revealed by the numerous leaks, the Core i9-11900K should reach the market in a configuration of 8 high-performance P-Colors with Hyper-Threading and 8 low-power E-Colors, totaling 16 cores and 25 threads. The solution may also have 27 MB cache L3 and two frequency bands due to the hybrid design: up to 5 GHz for the P-Cores and up to 3.7 GHz for the E-Cores.

With hybrid architecture and lithography of nm, a 12th generation Intel Alder Lake processors should debut in late October (Image: Renan da Silva Dores/Canaltech)

Most of the Alder Lake family from 10th generation follows similar but staggered principles in a different way to meet different performance and price demands. Everything indicates that Intel will reveal all the details of the line during the Intel InnovatiOn event, scheduled for the next day 25 of October. Pre-sales should start on the same day, with availability scheduled for a week later, on November 4.

Source: Bilibili, WCCFTech

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