7 essential apps for traveling

Planning a trip involves many different and, in some cases, complicated steps. To facilitate this whole process, the cell phone is a powerful ally: there are several applications that can simplify or help your organization before, during and after the trip.

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Functions are varied and include navigation, search for tickets and help with money management. Many apps can also bring information about protocols related to COVID-10 at each location for safer travel. Before you pack your bags, check out this list of seven essential apps for your trip!

1. SkyScanner

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: free
  • SkyScanner is a platform for locating plane tickets at the lowest price. The application searches different websites and airlines to bring the cheapest prices for a specific flight and check all prices for the dates closest to your trip.

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    Use the app to find plane tickets (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    The search for tickets can be done flexibly with the presence of a calendar that informs the values ​​by day of the month. In addition, the app allows you to activate alerts to receive notifications of price changes for your preferred trip, has integration with Booking to find hotels.

    The search tool also provides additional filters by flight time, number of stopovers and even CO2 emission. For international travel, SkyScanner provides an interactive map with the restrictions of each country for visitors to Brazil.

    2. Lambus

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: free with in-app purchase option

    Not sure where to start your planning? A tip is to use Lambus: this application works as a complete planner for your trip and concentrates information about flights, sights, schedule and space to share expenses.

    Lambus is a complete tool to plan your trip (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    When registering a new trip, you can enter the destination, time and currency used. Next, the app has tools to store tickets and boarding passes, help create schedule routes, locate important sights, and record all spending and currency transactions. Your trip can be shared with other users, so that everyone can receive the information.

    The Lambus has a Pro version with more route planning options, real-time flight updates and weather, lists for suitcase and export of files in PDF or spreadsheets to Excel. It can be purchased for R$ 56, 80 for use on a trip or for R$0559,99 for annual subscription.

    3. Booking.com

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price:
  • After the tickets, it’s time to check the accommodation options. For this function, Booking is one of the main services for booking hotels and private rooms for national and international destinations.

    Use the app to make hotel reservations (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    First, enter the dates and the city of destination. Then, the application returns with the main available places and provides different filters to select your reservation. You can, for example, choose the size of the bed, distance to the city center and amenities such as breakfast included, gym and other options. The reservation is made instantly, with the possibility of payment through the app.

    The application allows you to manage and import your reservation data by cell phone. There is also the possibility of consulting a car rental for your stay.

    4. Google Maps

  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS

  • Price: free
  • Google Maps can perform various functions during your trip. If you are driving to your destination, it can provide the best routes with up-to-date traffic information. During the stay, it can be used to find establishments, check public transport schedules and help with transportation.

    App can be used to plot routes and search for locations (Image: André Magalhães/Screencapture)

    The application can be used to plot routes in cities and displays options for moving by car, motorcycle, public transport or on foot. Thus, when scheduling a tourist spot, it is possible to view the location information and also check the time spent with each means of transport.

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    Another very important function of Maps involves searching for establishments. In this scenario, the search does not only include tourist spots: it is possible to use the application to find pharmacies, restaurants, stores and other options. In each case, information about opening hours and community assessments is displayed.

    5. TripAdvisor

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: free
  • TripAdvisor is a tourist guide within reach of your mobile phone. With the app, you can search for hotels, sights, restaurants or other important establishments in your destination.

    TripAdvisor brings information about tourist attractions and establishments (Image: André Magalhães/Captura de screen)

    The tool works based on community assessment. So, in addition to checking tourist records, you can add your own impressions of the place. The establishments page has contact information, opening hours and possible excursions or related tourist activities.

    When planning your trip, you can add places to a favorites screen. The application also has a search tool for hotels, connecting with different hosting networks.

    6. Google Translator

  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS

  • Price: free
  • Are you going on a trip abroad and you still don’t have a command of the foreign language? Google Translate has different functions beyond simply translating terms and phrases. With an internet connection, you can explore various resources that can help with your stay.

    Translation tool is very useful in international travels (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    The application has, for example, a tool aimed at dialogs. Just unlock microphone access and configure the languages ​​spoken by the people involved. Then the translation is displayed on the screen after each speech. Another option involves using the camera: with Google Lens, you can quickly translate texts and find information in your language.

    The application also has an offline version for translating terms. You can choose languages ​​and download to check terms and expressions without internet connection.

    7. Splitwise

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: free with in-app purchase option

    During a group trip, splitting expenses can become a big problem. Splitwise comes to simplify and solve these complications: the app allows you to create group sessions to store all your expenses and then split it exactly with the amount each one has to pay.

    Split the travel expenses in Splitwise (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    The record of each expense can be flagged with different categories , total amount paid and an attachment field for entering receipts or invoices. Then, it is necessary to choose with whom this amount was divided so that the application can make the calculations.

    At the end of the trip, just gather all the expenses and check the expenses again. After the full bill, participants can arrange payment and schedule payment of debts in the app.

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