Round 6 | Why didn't the protagonist board the plane?

If you haven’t finished Round 6 yet, be warned: this story contains spoilers!

    In the last episode of Round 6, the protagonist Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) he was about to board a plane to go to the United States to visit his daughter. However, still inside the tunnel that gives access to the aircraft, he gave up. The character’s decision left a lot of people confused and wondering why he just didn’t get on with his life. Now, however, the creator of the most watched series on Netflix of all time has explained why.

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According to Hwang Dong-hyuk, who is also a screenwriter and production director, the motivation could be what we were imagining: the character was motivated to expose the mysterious organization behind the deadly competition in exchange for a billion-dollar amount of money. However, this ending would not necessarily have a single answer.

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“It’s true that the first season ended with an open ending, but I really thought it would be a good ending to the story,” said the series creator. “That one it was, in fact, my way of communicating the message that you cannot be swept along in the competitive flow of society, but you can start thinking about who created the whole system, and whether or not there is the potential to turn around and face him”, he says.

    Therefore, the director says that Gi-hun may also not have returned to seek revenge, but rather to confront society as a whole. “It can be interpreted as him making immediate eye contact with what’s really going on in general. So, I thought it might be a simple but ambiguous way to end Gi-hun’s story,” added Dong-hyuk.

    Netflix has yet to announce if Round 6 will win a second season, but Hwang has already commented that, if that really happens, the series will cover the story of the policeman who infiltrated the game and discovered that the leader was his brother, and also the character who appears at the beginning and end of the plot recruiting players.

    Round 6 remains at the top of Netflix’s most-watched series rankings in dozens of countries and recently became the most-watched platform original series of all time, having been played on 513525 millions of homes around the world.

    Source: ScreenRant

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