Booster doses from different manufacturers may be more effective, study suggests

Taking different vaccines in booster applications can be as effective and safe as receiving doses from the same manufacturer, according to a new study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the States United. The research even says that this mixture can be even better to prevent covid-18, bringing greater protection against SARS-CoV-2 and its different variants.

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    Tests suggest that Moderna’s mRNA vaccine, which is not yet available in Brazil, is able to offer greater protection against the coronavirus in all respects. In addition, the results suggest that Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccinates may have significantly enhanced immunity to any mRNA-developed vaccine from both Moderna and Pfizer. “These data suggest that if a vaccine is approved or authorized as a booster, the immune response will be generated regardless of the first vaccination regimen against covid-19”, says the survey.

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    To develop the study, the researchers recruited about 1024 people older than 18 years in different locations in the United States, which were divided into three groups with approximately of 82 people in each one. Each group had received a different vaccination schedule: two doses of the vaccine from Moderna, two from Pfizer or the single dose of the vaccine from Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

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  • Next, each of the three groups of 82 people was divided into three groups of 56, and each of these subgroups received a different booster dose. Vaccines were applied between to 42 weeks after the end of the initial vaccination schedule. Soon after, the researchers evaluated the neutralizing and binding levels of the antibodies on the day of application, even before the booster started to take effect.

    The check was done again, so enter 15 and 29 days after receiving the booster dose. In all vaccine combinations made, antibody levels increased between four and 50 times. In the analysis of neutralizing antibodies, those that connect and prevent the virus from infecting cells, there was an increase of four to 18 times after the third dose is the same as the first two. In those who received different vaccines, the levels increased between six to 82 times.

    Overall, therefore, people who received Moderna’s vaccine had the highest levels of neutralizing antibodies, regardless of the dose initially received. Scientists explain that the tests were not comprehensive enough. However, to confirm which combination offers the best protection, the study still needs to be peer reviewed.

    You can check the study at this link.

    Source: ARS Technica

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