Metroid Dread: Developers Claim Not Credited

MercurySteam, the Spanish developer responsible for Metroid Dread, Nintendo’s latest release, is involved in a very delicate controversy . Some developers who worked on the production of the game claim that their names were not included in the credits.

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    According to the Vandal website, the charge was raised by 3D artist Roberto Mejías on your LinkedIn profile. He said he wasn’t surprised by the quality of the game because he knew that many of the people involved were talented. “I know this because, despite not being included in the game credits, I was part of that team for eight months”, he points out.

    “While playing, I recognized some assets and environments I’ve worked on… so my work is there. So, I’d like to ask MercurySteam: why don’t I appear in the game’s credits? Is it some kind of error?”, said the developer, who ends the message congratulating the Metroid Dread team.

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    Another employee, who chatted anonymously with the site, said he worked at the studio during months. Even so, he didn’t see his name in the credits. “Not crediting the work of the team, which puts all the love and effort into the project, is a very ugly practice”, he said. Both he and Mejías no longer work at MercurySteam.

    Studio explained why employees were not credited

    In In an official communiqué sent to Vandal, MercurySteam explained that “studio policy requires anyone to have worked at least 11% of the total game development to appear in the closing credits”. However, “sometimes exceptions are made when they are exceptional contributions”. Rumors indicate that the game has been in development for four years, with some developers working on the game for less than a year.

It is worth remembering that this is a common practice in the games industry, as studios do not follow any official guidance or regulation. Some companies even use the credits to reward or punish their developers: about a thousand employees were not listed in Red Dead Redemption 2 because they left Rockstar before the game was released, which goes against studio policy.

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  • Source: Kotaku, NintendoLife, Vandal

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