Fujifilm launches new Instax Link to print full-size mobile photos

Fujifilm has just introduced a new model of mobile printer, the Instax Link Wide, which hits the market as an option for those who want to print photos stored on their cell phone in a larger format .

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The device uses Instax Wide films, which are slightly larger than traditional Instax mini films. The papers used for printing on Fujifilm’s new machine are about the size of two credit cards placed side by side, which makes the printed photos lose their ability to be kept in a wallet, for example.

The Instax Link Wide comes with the same purpose as the standard Instax Link, that is, you can connect it to any smartphone via Bluetooth to print the photos stored in the memory. In addition, it is also compatible with the mirrorless camera XS50 from Fujifilm for quick photo printing.

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Printer App allows you to set between two modes for printing — “rich” or “natural ” (Image: Disclosure/Fujifilm)

Before printing, the user can edit the desired images in the Instax Link app, available for Android and iOS phones. The app allows you to crop the photos or even insert text before printing them.

The printer comes with two modes for printing — “rich” which features brighter, more immersive images, and “natural” which maintains a more classic look and saturation. According to the brand, Instax Link Wide has battery life for up to 100 prints before you need it recharge it.

Price and availability

(Image: Disclosure/Fujifilm)

Instax Link Wide will hit the market by the end of this month with a price of US$ 120,90 (about R$ 830 in direct conversion). Fujifilm will also launch, at the time, a new wide format film option, with black borders. The pack with ten sheets can be purchased separately for US$ 90,99 (R$ 120). So far there is no information about availability in Brazil.

Source: The Verge

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