Gavião Arqueiro will have two episodes released at launch

The debut of Gavião Arqueiro at Disney+ will be in double dose. Marvel Studios has confirmed that the series focused on the most underrated of the Avengers will release the first two episodes at once in 24 November.

Series do Gavião Arqueiro wins release date at Disney+

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This is the same strategy that was adopted in the first week of WandaVision, when the streaming received both first episodes of the show. At the time, it was decided to make the release this way so that the public would have a better sense of what the story would be, since the opening chapter didn’t show much of the plot.

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In the case of the production starring Jeremy Renner, in However, the reason for this decision was not explained. The main bet is that, as the series will only have six episodes, the release together serves to ensure that the story closes on the day December, ie before Christmas. Remember that the script for Gavião Arqueiro consists precisely in the hero solving his disputes with Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfield) and returning home before the day 25.

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    By the way, this is one of the central points of the new teaser that was released by Marvel Studios. In addition to reusing several scenes from the trailer released last month, we have a few more dialogues between Clint Barton and his wife, with the hero asking for a few days to sort out his problems before joining his family for dinner. The video also features a few more brief moments between the protagonist and Bishop and a confrontation with a van full of henchmen.

    Source: Marvel Studios

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