Brazilian app offers 600 digital books to download and read for free

Access to digital content is increasingly democratic, especially given the more modest subscription fees charged by streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify. This format still has many other fields to be explored, such as the literature sector with digitized audio books and books.

A Brazilian company specialized in this area and now offers a collection of thousands of digital books and audiobooks directly on your cell phone or tablet. Called Livroh, the platform allows online reading or downloading when you don’t have internet access, with access to a virtual shelf directly in the app.

Livroh calls itself the “Spotify of books” (Image: Livroh/Google Play Store)

The app offers several literary genres and separates content into 40 categories, such as romance, fiction, foreign literature and humor. There are several contents aimed at technical-professional learning and works focused on personal development, with themes ranging from good old-fashioned self-help to administration concepts or handouts for those who will face the ENEM.

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Children and teenagers can also enjoy the contents of Livroh, as the platform has titles aimed at children and adolescents, such as comics, mangas and stories for different age groups.

Adjustments to make your eyes less tiring

One of the advantages of reading on Kindle is less eyestrain when compared to the screen of computers and cell phones. Livroh does not have a version for the Amazon reader, but it created a specific technology to reduce screen brightness, increase the font size and, thus, generate less fatigue when reading the contents.

The app allows you to pause reading and resume from the same place (Image: Livroh/Google Play Store)

There are also utility tools to improve the reading experience, such as snippet markup, dictionary, annotations, index, keyword search and bookmarks. In this way, the user can check how much of the book they have already read and resume reading where they left off, as in music or movie streaming systems.

If you are one of those who prefer listening to reading, the app is a good solution: books can be read aloud and with speed regulation. So you can consume an entire book while working out at the gym, driving to work, or preparing dinner.

How much?

Livroh offers 30 days free to try the complete collection of more than 30,000 books and is included in plans from some telephone operators. Those who do not have the service in the plan can subscribe separately for R$19.90 per month and access the contents of any Android or iOS device (iPhone and iPad).

The cool part is that even if you don’t want to keep the service, you can still access the contents downloaded to the device. For those who are an avid reader and are frightened by the high price of physical books, maybe this application can help to always have a new reading option for a more inviting price.

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