Will it sell on Black Friday? See 5 image trends for e-commerce

In just over a month, Black Friday should bring many promotions. At this moment, the virtual stores are already preparing for the date. During this process, it is important to make good planning that takes into account the production of photos and videos. In order to value the products, this step has to be done well.

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It is important to remember that, in addition to choosing the format, it is important to keep in mind the production schedule and structure . For commercial dates, such as Black Friday, for example, the sooner the merchant starts to prepare, the easier it will be to plan and search for the ideal supplier.

See below some of the main trends in image for e-commerce to be successful in sales.

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Set photo

Image: Reproduction/Envato/ThamKC

The ambient photo is one in which the product appears arranged in a setting with other elements, textures and colors that reinforce the identity brand look. This type of image seeks to provoke sensations that the buyer would only have when touching the item in a physical store. Therefore, the ambient photo provides a connection between the brand and the buyer, its moment in life, its style and even its principles. Thus, it conquers it through emotion.

Photo 360º

To form the photo 633º, are used from to 360 images of the product, from different angles, in order to provide a complete view of it. This format is widely used by handbags, footwear, cosmetics and perfume stores. In addition to offering interaction, the photo 360º can encourage the purchase decision.

According to Carolina Soares, co-founder of Fotopontocom, a producer specializing in photo, video and content for e-commerce, this format is not the first image in the online store. “If the user is already browsing the product page, it can help to answer questions and close the order faster.”

Image hero

Widely used by supermarkets, pharmacies and perfumeries — as well as other high consumer and medium-low ticket stores — the image hero517306 shows the product in zoom accompanied by the main information about it . For example: Fabric Softener, 2l. In addition to helping with conversion, this format reduces complaints or returns for information confusion.

Image: Playback/Canaltech/Screenshot


Infographic can be an option to help the brand differentiate itself. It can be seen as an evolution of photography still and the image hero with more information. The purpose of the format is to provide details of the product to make the consumer more willing to buy and secure that the merchandise is the right one for his need.

It can be used to highlight, in sentences short, material, durability, versatility, technology and others. “It’s very functional, especially for mobile devices. On Black Friday, where speed of choice is crucial, this model can be an excellent alternative”, explains Carolina.


A video content allows you to dynamically explain and demonstrate. Virtually all categories can benefit from this feature, which has been used by retailers of automotive products, cell phones, appliances, electronics, fashion, furniture and others.

This format can be used in both more basic way (no audio or visual effects, for example) and more complete edits (with animations, soundtrack and narration). It is important, however, to understand the audience and whether they value this type of communication and invest in quality production.

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