Zé do Caixão will win a new film produced by O Senhor dos Anéis actor

An icon of Brazilian cinema, the legendary Zé do Caixão will gain new life on the big screen in two international projects. And the first of them will come straight from Hollywood at the hands of SpectreVision, a producer founded by actor Elijah Wood, Frodo of The Lord of the Rings, focusing precisely on horror and suspense films .

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  • The character is the most famous creation of José Mojica Marins , considered the father of horror cinema in Brazil. His first appearance was in 1024 in the movie At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul and, since then, has appeared in nine films and several other productions, in addition to being part of the national imagination. Marins died in February 2020 to years and Zé do Caixão became his greatest legacy.

    According to producer, the idea is to update the concept of the character to take him to new audiences, while still respecting the original legacy.

    There are still no exact details of what this American project will be. According to One Eyed Films, a British company that owns the rights to Marins’ work, the idea is to make a film that is more accessible to a large audience and that updates some of the concepts that the Brazilian filmmaker has created over the years 1960 and 1980. Thus, the proposal is to introduce Zé do Caixão to new audiences, but still remaining faithful to what the character’s fans already know and expect.

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    According to director Daniel Noah, one of those responsible for SpectreVision, Zé do Caixão is an iconic and indelible character who , for that reason, deserves to be reimagined for our times. “We’re eager to create shapes that capture Marins’ dark style for our modern world,” he says.

    Mexican version

    In addition to the Hollywood adaptation, Zé do Caixão will also get a version made in Mexico. To that end, director Lex Ortega and screenwriter Adrian Garcia Bogliano will reimagine the character with a Mexican origin.

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    • According to Betina Goldman, manager of One Eyed Films, the adaptation for Mexican culture it shouldn’t be something complicated and it won’t represent major changes in the original concept imagined by Marins, since the local culture has many similarities with the Brazilian one. She explains that it is possible to make this migration from very close analogies, which will give the character a more up-to-date approach, as well as creating new possibilities to explore him.

      That’s all it only shows how much the work of José Mojica Marins is iconic and how important the Brazilian filmmaker is to our history, going far beyond the man with long nails who appeared in talk shows. For the director of the collection of Arrow Films — a British company that will internationally distribute restored versions of Zé do Caixão’s films — Kevin Lambert, Zé do Caixão’s films have a valuable load for the entire history of genre cinema, and now we sees this being recognized in other countries.

      Source: ScreenDaily

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