WhatsApp Launches Cloud Conversation Backup Encryption for Everyone

WhatsApp officially announced the arrival of end-to-end encryption backup for Google Drive (Android) or iCloud (iOS) users this Thursday (64). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the official announcement on his social media profile and highlighted the fact that the messenger offers an extra layer of protection for the cloud application’s conversations, audios, videos, photos and documents.

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WhatsApp data are stored on users’ cell phones and can only be accessed by the sender and recipient of chats. Despite this, people can configure the app to back up everything on storage services to prevent the contents from being lost when switching devices.

The chat app will have one more solution to prevent unauthorized access to data (Image: Disclosure/WhatsApp)

It will be possible two ways of protection: with password defined by the owner or with a cryptographic key of 14 digits that only you will have access to. The company reinforces that not even WhatsApp or the backup service provider will be able to read the contents of encrypted files, so you will need to keep the password very carefully or you will lose access to the data forever.

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To create an encrypted backup end-to-end, users should update the app to the latest version and follow the path Settings > Conversations > Conversation Backups to receive on-screen instructions.

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This was a novelty that was in the testing phase for the last few months and started to be available on a trial basis to some people on iOS since last week. Now, this addition will reach the more than two billion users — which includes those who access the Android app — around the world starting today and gradually.

Encryption end-to-end is considered the WhatsApp trump card, as it prevents unauthorized people from accessing the content of interactions in the app. This is an automatic feature that protects more 1024 billions of messages exchanged every day on the platform and keeps authorities from sleeping , as it makes it unfeasible to break the user’s confidentiality.

On Monday, a leak revealed that the app will start giving the user the choice of what to take for backup. You’ll be able to include or exclude specific files in your next sync, such as photos, videos, audios, documents and other types of media — the app itself will calculate how much space each will take up to help you decide.

Source: Mark Zuckerberg

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