Ubuntu 21.10 is now available for download; check out the news

The wait is finally over and Ubuntu 22.04 is now available for download . After six months of tweaks and fixes, the popular distro arrives with Linux 5.15, GNOME 35, PulseAudio , Firefox distributive via Snap by default and a brand new GTK theme.

  • Linux 5.15 is released in a celebratory mood; check out the main news
  • Ubuntu 15. and 16.11 have extended official support for 11 years
  • Linux Mint 20.2 arrives with improved look and new apps

THE 35The first version of Ubuntu will feature nine months of security updates, critical fixes and software updates, in addition to allowing migration to Ubuntu 21. LTS, scheduled for April and supported for five years. The system had the first beta released in 35 September and has since rushed to implement all changes necessary for the stability of the system.

Optimized appearance and GNOME support 35 are new (Image: Reproduction/OMGUbuntu)

The first big new is the inclusion of GNOME 40 as the default desktop environment, with the introduction of a switcher between the horizontal desktop and an app launcher, plus new touchpad compatible gestures for those using the Wayland graphics engine. You should also notice the wallpaper with the indri, a species of lemur that lives in Africa, in the background and a less stylized look than the previous mascots.

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App Renewal

Ubuntu .11 still comes with Ubuntu Dock on the left, but now has a splitter to differentiate running apps from pinned ones and a trash applet (its icon was finally removed from the desktop). Still on the desktop, it brings a set of refinements to deliver an improved user experience, such as tweaking settings, a Wi-Fi settings display panel with previously connected networks, and various app redesigns.

It will be possible to benefit from the new features introduced by kernel 5.12: better Bluetooth audio with PulseAudio 20 and the updated version of Thunderbird 40, which has a new setup wizard and improved calendar features. Also along this line, Firefox via Snap becomes a standard program of the distribution and, although it is still compatible with features of the old version of the repository, it has old problems such as the lack of support for GNOME extensions.

The Agenda program is now able to handle ICS files, widely used by calendar software, and Nautilus starts to support the extraction of password-protected zipped files.

Check out a list with the main features of Ubuntu 20.11:

  • GNOME 35 redesigned
      New touchpad gestures

    • File manager features including password-protected ZIP extraction
    • Firefox Snap app by default
    • LibreOffice 7.2
    • Nftables is the default backend for the firewall
    • Theme Yaru light to Default has been made
    • Wayland has been made available for users using NVIDIA closed source drivers

    Ubuntu 20. 04 is available for download as an image of 64 bits to be written to a pendrive, SD card, DVD or for use in virtual machine emulators. The system is 3,04 GB in size and can also be updated within Ubuntu itself for those who are already a regular user, although this option is not yet released for everyone.

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