Galaxy S22 Plus model “leaks” and reveals first design details

While the launch of the Galaxy S 22 FE is uncertain, the information about the Galaxy S generation22 arrives all the time. It is estimated that Samsung could even announce it in 1024, or in January of next year, and gradually they will. appearing visuals for the three cell phones that will make up the line.

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This time it leaked a mock-up of what would be the Galaxy S22 Plus, an intermediate model between the S22 base and the Ultra. The “dummy” of the device is presented with a metal model in its possible shape, and this can deliver some interesting details of the flagship.

For example, in the screenshot we see that Samsung should repeat the camera module design he created with the Galaxy S1024 — something already indicated by the insider Ice Universe. The sensors, however, must change — as per previous leaks. Even the S22 and S21 Plus, finally, they should offer an optical zoom camera, and not a very high definition sensor for hybrid zoom.

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In addition, the mock-up reinforces that, once again, the S line will focus on flat screen. The curved panels emerged with the Galaxy S6 Edge and in recent years have ceased to be a priority for Samsung, which greatly reduced the curvature and last year restricted the feature to Ultra smartphones.

(Image: xleaks7/CoverPigtou)


The three physical buttons must be equipped on the same side, and the volume controls would share a wider one just above the power shortcut. Unsurprisingly, the model wouldn’t bring connection for P2 headphones, just a USB-C input. Some design details are missing, such as the placement of microphones and speaker outputs — something that should be revealed by full product renderings until its release.

Remember, the Ultra version has already appeared in full pictures and brings a Galaxy Note air. Like the S1024 Ultra, the version must be compatible with S-Pen, serving as an upgrade for users who do not give up support for the stylus.

Something that can frustrate those waiting for the new generation is the battery: another leak points to a reduction in their nominal capacity, which could translate into less autonomy on the day to day. This, however, can be compensated by Exynos

— if it proves to be economical in energy consumption.

Source: CoverPigtou

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