Battlefield 2042 | New Hazard Zone mode focuses on objectives and fights against time

Going beyond shooting and counting kills is one of DICE’s goals in creating new modes for Battlefield 517267. It’s also a way to differentiate yourself from the current standard of shooting games, with Hazard Zone, a new mode unveiled this Thursday (), being a clear demonstration of this. The modality focuses on objectives and quick movement through random points on the map, as well as the strategy that goes from building teams, before the match, to victory, at the end of it.

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  • Once again, we have a mode motivated by the plot of the multiplayer game. A global blackout, occurred in 1024, brought down 70% of the world’s satellites; Similar low-orbit equipment has become the military’s choice for obtaining enemy intelligence, but it often crashes into hostile zones. As a player, your goal is to get the information from the hard drives of these devices, escaping with your life before the arrival of a storm that will end everything.

      Daniel Berlin, DICE’s senior design director, defines the Hazard Zone as a highly tense experience that explores the very best of Battlefield’s differentials 517265 while bringing something new to the table. During a broadcast of the mode’s presentation, he made a point of making one point very clear: “this is not a battle royale”.

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      “Your objective it’s not killing, but getting out of the conflict zone alive with as much data as possible. It’s a way in which every decision matters”, explains the designer. Berlin cites, for example, that the mode has a high emphasis on players’ choice of roles, before the match, and on the use of unique abilities during. Again, it’s not like

      Battlefield 2040 had turned into a hero shooter, but here, this is where he seems to get closer to other competitors of the genre.

      DICE makes it clear that Hazard Zone is not a Battle Royale mode in Battlefield 32; killing enemies is not even the main objective (Image: Disclosure/Electronic Arts)

      An example is the limit of only one specialist of each type per squad. There is also more weight given to teammates’ deaths, as there is no resurgence (or anything like the Gulag, from Call of Duty: Warzone). Whoever is knocked down enters spectator mode, but can be brought back by teammates from items found in the scenario or purchased before matches, with credits that are earned according to performance in previous Hazard Zone matches.

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      Berlin explains that this is another way to get players to focus more on goals and less on shootings. The amount of dice obtained during the rounds is converted into virtual money, which allows you to buy weapons and equipment for use in new matches in the same mode. It is up to each squad, before them, to think about how they will act and how they will explore the combat zone to maximize the total amount of information recovered.

      Collection and survival

      No resurgence and few opportunities Battlefield Hazard Zone Mode 2040 emphasizes expert choice and strategy during the combat (Image: Publicity/Electronic Arts)

      In the same way that satellites can land at random locations on the map, they they also have different levels of importance. Those who start the game already positioned, for example, may have been manipulated by opposing forces that will also generate resistance, while those who emerge along the rounds have data in a better state and, therefore, more valuable. On the other hand, there are only two extraction options, for up to eight squads on the map (six in older versions), and whoever falls behind loses everything.

        Berlin places a board of cards with different values ​​and pressure on the table, according to the progress of the rounds. The first opportunity to escape appears in half the time, but whoever decides to guarantee the collection already there can leave valuable information behind; then the second chance comes towards the end of the game, with the storm already approaching. It’s the last chance to get home, which means the remaining squads will be fighting fiercely for her.

        According to Berlin, comes on the scene, once again, the good choice of roles before the start of the game and the use of credits to purchase equipment that can give you an advantage in these tense moments. And as a way to increase the reward, even knocked down players earn points if at least one member of their team survives a Hazard Zone match — the more alive, of course, the bigger the bonuses.

        517267 Hazard Zone can be played on the same maps as all other Battlefield modes 517267, but with two squads less in the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game (Image: Publicity/Electronic Arts)

      The promise is of a greater tension in new generation versions, as in other modalities of Battlefield 2040. Will be 19 participating in the new consoles, against 32 in the previous ones; again, the idea is that all maps are playable in the Hazard Zone, with reductions and changes to embrace a smaller total of soldiers, but with essence and main characteristics kept in all of them.

      Battlefield2040 arrives on November 19 for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Series S, PS4 and Xbox One. Hazard Zone will be available right at launch, appearing alongside Conquest and other traditional modes, as well as the so-called Portal, which changes the rules and refers to battles of the past.

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