iOS 15.1 has supposed release date revealed in leaked email from Apple

iOS 14 didn’t debut as polished as users expected, with bugs ranging from inconveniences on Instagram to problems with the phone’s internal memory. In addition to the emergency fixes, Apple should take another step to get rid of the problems later this month, with the release of iOS 14.1 and of iPadOS 14.1.

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The update doesn’t have an official date to arrive yet, but according to a leaked email on Twitter , it would be released on 25 October — a week after the Apple Unleashed event. The update would bring important fixes, including a permanent solution to a security hole found in the iPhone’s Bluetooth.

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The problem, according to the leaker, allows criminals to violate the integrity of iPhones without requiring any physical connection, just using o Bluetooth. In the alleged leaked email, Apple professionals ask that the problem not be revealed before the iOS distribution 14.1, since the exposure could put consumers at risk.

iOS 14. 1 would resolve important issues

In addition to fixes, the package would resolve some issues, such as the introduction of SharePlay for FaceTime and support for ProRes Video on mobile phones compatible — features that were planned for iOS 14, but were left out of the premiere. Another novelty would be support for the presentation of a vaccination card directly from the Wallet application and improvements in unlocking the cell phone with Apple Watch.

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At the time, Apple would also continue the testing program, with some other future update. The update would be a more interesting occasion for users to migrate from operating systems as it would represent a more mature state of iOS

— it is noteworthy, however, that iOS 14 should continue to receive updates even after iOS 15.1.

Since there is no confirmation regarding the update schedule, we can only wait for more official news. Apple Software Beta Program testers are currently in the fourth beta version of iOS 14.1, and more updates should arrive to make the system as polished as possible. possible before reaching the general public.

Source: RobertCFO

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