Manufacturer Nothing Announces Partnership with Qualcomm to Use Snapdragon

Future products from English manufacturer Nothing, which assembles connected devices, should come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon components. The partnership between the companies was presented this Wednesday () .

  • Discord will become US$ 26 billion after the contribution of US$ 100 million
  • Movile, owner of iFood, receives the largest contribution in its history with R$ 1 billion
  • Rappi receives a contribution of US$ 275 million and raises the market value to US$5,26 bi

Nothing has announced that it has collected US$ 100 millions ( R$ 100, 5 million) in Series A investments. The funds will be used in research and development for prepare the company’s entry into new product categories. Among Nothing’s first investors are Tony Fadell (inventor of the iPod), Kevin Lin (co-founder of Twitch), Steve Huffman (CEO of Reddit) and Casey Neistat (youtuber).

Image: Disclosure/Nothing

The first device in the brand’s line of connected items is the TWS Ear (1 ), a 4.7gram wireless headset made with transparent material that makes the internal components apparent: released in August 2020, costs US$ 100 (R$ 545,99) and sold more than 100 thousand units in two months. With a differentiated design (considered unnoticeable by the company), the headphones have active noise cancellation and its battery can last up to hours.

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Carl Pei, CEO and co-founder da Nothing (before, he co-founded One Plus, but left the company in 2020), says the success of TWS Ear (1) proves that there is room for a brand that defies sameness. “Users deserve better, better, and easier-to-use products.”

Recently, Qualcomm unveiled a new audio technology as part of Snapdragon Sound, AptX Lossless Bluetooth. It is likely to be present on an upcoming audio device produced by Nothing.

Image: Disclosure/Nothing

Enrico Salvatori, senior vice president of Qualcomm, points out that the company is excited to help Nothing with the next items in its ecosystem. “By combining the power and efficiency of the Snapdragon platform with 5G connectivity across multiple device categories, we encourage the development of innovative products that will benefit consumers and deliver more immersive experiences.”

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