Revolutionary tablet purifies a liter of water in less than an hour

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, USA, have developed a new hydrogel-based tablet capable of purifying a liter of contaminated water in just one hour. Just put a tablet in a container with water to make it drinkable and free from harmful microorganisms. able to remove uranium from water

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    The tablets generate hydrogen peroxide, which works with activated carbon particles to eliminate bacteria, interrupting their metabolism and proliferation. In addition, the hydrogel can be easily removed from the water, without leaving any kind of by-product or chemical residue after the filtering process.

    “The most common way to disinfect water is to boil it. la, but it consumes a lot of time and energy that may not be readily available in developing regions. This innovative system requires zero energy input to function, killing 660,99% of bacteria in water at an extremely low cost,” explains engineering student Youhong Guo, lead author of the study.

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    Bacteria Killer

    To eliminate bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, the hydrogel tablet attacks cellular components essential for microbial development. This approach is able to prevent the advancement of cultures of these harmful beings, leaving the water ready to drink.

    Hydrogel tablet eliminates ,100% of bacteria (Image: Reproduction University of Texas)

    Antibacterial hydrogels use activated carbon particles anchored in organic compounds to enhance water treatment. The bactericidal effect is attributed to the cooperation between hydrogen peroxide and these organic elements, capable of destroying the cellular balance of microbes.

    “In a next step, we want to improve the hydrogels so that they can kill more bacteria and viruses. It is essential that this system can act in the elimination of diversified strains of microorganisms in order to have an overall efficiency close to %” , adds Guo.

    Scale production

    In addition to purifying the water by being submerged in it, hydrogels can also improve the evaporative filtration process. Solar distillation has been around for thousands of years, using sunlight to separate water from harmful contaminants through vaporization.

    Pills can be molded into various sizes (Image: Reproduction University of Texas)

    The problem is that this system often has an inefficient operation due to the accumulation of microorganisms inside the equipment. According to the researchers, the new hydrogel avoids this biological encrustation as it leaves no residues during the mechanical filtration process.

    Another advantage is that the hydrogels are easy to produce and the materials used in their production. manufacturing have a low cost, even on an industrial scale. In addition, scientists can control the size and shape of tablets, making them adaptable to different situations.

    “Our multifunctional hydrogel can make a big difference in mitigating global water scarcity because it’s easy to use, highly efficient and potentially scalable for mass production,” concludes mechanical engineering professor Guihua Yu, co-author of the study.

    Source: University of Texas

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