Microsoft Teams is investigated in Europe for alleged abusive practices

Currently, Microsoft Teams is present in practically everything from Microsoft (including Windows) and such availability contributes to the popularity of the service — “it’s already there, why not use it? ”, it is easy to question. However, in the eyes of its competitors, the communication platform’s strategy is unfair to the market, and that is why the company is now facing an investigation by the European Commission.

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European Union antitrust prosecutors have complied with requests from Slack, a direct competitor of Microsoft Teams, claiming that Microsoft abuses its wide presence in the market. So having Teams so closely integrated with the MS suite — Microsoft 365 — would represent an unfair advantage.

Microsoft Teams today is part of the Windows package 365 instead of Skype for casual conversations(Image : Disclosure/Microsoft)

According to Reuters, the European Commission asked corporate communications competitors what the effects of Microsoft Teams were on the industry. The questions ask whether the debut of the MS platform caused an instant migration of users, what the impact of the pandemic on the sector is, and whether the fiercer competition was reflected in the prices and evolution of services.

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The survey participants were not revealed, but Slack is likely to be part of the group. Google and Zoom should also have been consulted, as they also have a strong presence in the category.

Teams separated?

For Slack, it is unnecessarily complicated to uninstall Microsoft Teams and MS does not collaborate with the other participants in the segment. The rival believes that separating the communications platform from the Redmond Giant’s suite would be the best solution. if you know. Perhaps, also, the effects of this investigation can be felt by those who use Windows , since Microsoft Teams it is native part of the operating system. So, whether you’re a Teams or Windows user, it’s worth keeping an eye on the unfolding of this investigation.

Source: Reuters

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