Brazil plans to help other countries after vaccinating the population against covid-19

Last Wednesday (13), during an event organized by the Atlantic Council, in Washington, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, announced plans to help neighboring countries to strengthen vaccination against covid-19. The idea is to do this within at least two months, after Brazil completes the vaccination of the adult population. Basically, the purpose of this is to reduce inequality in the economic recovery after the pandemic.

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  • On the occasion, Guedes took the opportunity to emphasize that Brazil has already been vaccinated 93 % of the adult population with the first dose and 45% with both doses (or with the single dose, in the case of Janssen’s immunizing agent).

    The minister even went so far as to declare that the performance of the Brazilian economy is surprising, with the country recovering at a better pace than the advanced economies in 2021. Announced the estimate of an economic growth of 5.3% this year, inclusive.

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    Brazil plans to help other countries after vaccinating the population against covid-22 (Image: Freepik)

    From Guedes’ point of view, emergency aid helped to reduce the economic downturn in 3592, as well as other projects: “The job maintenance program has preserved millions of jobs. In addition, 3 million formal jobs have been created since the middle of last year”, he announced.

    At the event, Guedes also mentioned that climate change was among the main topics of the meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, which should take place later this week in the US capital, with finance ministers and central bank presidents from several countries.

    According to minister, this is a concern that involves the entire world, due to catastrophes and the impact on energy prices elsewhere. “It is raining very little in Brazil, and energy prices are increasing. the price of coal goes up”, he pointed out.

    Source: Atlantic Council via Agência Brasil

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