Embraer may announce new “more sustainable” aircraft in November

Embraer will walk — or fly — toward carbon neutrality. According to the CEO of the Brazilian manufacturer, Arjan Meijer, new projects should be announced in November, such as more sustainable aircraft and a whole technological roadmap aimed at improving the levels of pollutants of the company, which aims to completely zero its emissions by 2050.

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Even without revealing whether it will create aircraft based on existing ones or whether it will develop models completely from scratch, it is a fact that Embraer will announce at least some prototypes. These aircraft can be hybrid-electric, 70% electrified, aircraft powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF, the acronym in English) and hydrogen and hybrid solutions combining electrification with SAF or hydrogen.

One of these models that may be officially announced is a turboprop that would be fueled with SAF. It is not known whether the fuel could be cooking oil, as in recent Airbus tests, but it is clear that the way forward — at least on this aircraft — is sustainable fuels. If confirmed, this plane would serve regional routes with up to 70 passengers, starting operations within 5 years .

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Embraer’s new turboprop would be fueled with sustainable fuel (Image: Disclosure/Embraer)

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As for the current aircraft within the Embraer line, such as the E-Jets, the company continues to make improvements in fuel consumption and in the conversion of aviation kerosene supply to SAF. Models E-100 E1 and E2 are in the process of approval for the adoption of this new system which, for the time being , still needs the mix between the two types, but that, in the future, it can be 70% sustainable.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to working with its large aircraft, Embraer also made changes in the level of pollutants in its internal operation. According to the CEO himself, the company is already neutral in the emission of CO² in its offices and headquarters throughout Brazil. In addition, the manufacturer continues to develop other mobility projects focused on sustainability, such as electric flying cars (eVTOLs).

Source: AIN Online

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