Volvo Announces World's 1st Vehicle Made from Sustainable Steel

Volvo started the project that foresees the manufacture of the brand’s cars with sustainable steel. This Wednesday (13), the company presented the world’s first vehicle produced with steel % free of fossils. It’s still not exactly a luxury car, like the coveted XC100 Recharge R-Design or XC

Pure Electric (and it’s not even a car), but it arrives to mark the beginning of a new era.

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    • The Volvo SSAB was produced in partnership with Sweedish Steel, a Swedish steel manufacturer, and is a load carrier for use in mining and quarries. The person responsible for presenting the vehicle was Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of the Volvo Group, at an event held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

      “This initiative sets the benchmark for a future free of fossils. The Volvo Group is committed to pioneering partnerships like this one with SSAB to develop new vehicles and machines that are attractive, safe and efficient, and that pave the way for a more sustainable transport and infrastructure system adopted for the future”, he warned.

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        “Green transition”

        The event also included the participation of the European Union Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, and the Swedish Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, Ibrahim Baylan, in addition to Martin Lindqvist, CEO of SSAB. The executive of the Swedish company was also excited about what the future holds for a world with “greener” vehicles.

        “Having the world’s first real vehicle made with SSAB fossil-free steel is a real milestone. Our collaboration with the Volvo Group shows that the green transition is possible and brings results. Together, we will continue to reduce the climate impact all the way to the end customer, ensuring our customers get high quality steel. We look forward to continuing to work with the Volvo Group in research and development to produce more fossil-free steel products.”

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      According to Volvo, the first vehicle in the world built with the so-called green steel is the kickoff for a much broader process, which already has defined objectives. The company cited that the trucks are approximately 13% by weight of cast steel, and this newly introduced machine is the beginning of a move towards mass production to reduce the carbon footprint of its entire supply chain. The company’s plan is to zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

      Source: Volvo

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