Twitter must display ads in a strategic and potentially uncomfortable location

Although it struggles to change this, Twitter has online advertising as its main source of income, which is why the company should start displaying advertisements in yet another extra location. According to the company’s revenue product leader, Bruce Falck, the platform should add the ads in the middle of the responses to a tweet.

  • Twitter can make the feed in more accessible chronological order
  • Twitter releases the “remove follower” function for all users
  • Twitter features a bundle of news, including more options for monetization
  • Apparently, ads may appear after the first, third, or eighth answer in a tweet, which can mean random insertions. In the post shared on his official profile, the executive shows a simulation of how the ad appeared in the feed and everything seems to fit together, without much “slash force” or interference with usability.

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    Even with the addition of something potentially annoying, it seems that Twitter has planned the insertion well to not make it irritating or harmful to network conversations. Nobody will think that this is part of the conversation to the point of frustration, as the format of the promoted post differs from the others, but it also draws attention to content of interest to the campaign’s target audience.

    At this beginning, the tests will be restricted to a few users and only in the iOS and Android apps. Ads amid the thread of Twitter conversations should be implemented gradually to the others with the end of the experiments, which has no date to occur.

    This is another attempt by Birdie’s social network to increase revenue but without negatively impacting the user experience. The platform has already launched Super Follow, to encourage people to support content creators; paid tickets to Spaces rooms; and bonuses using physical money or cryptocurrencies.

    Source: Bruce Falck

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