China Investigates 2019 Blood Samples to Find Coronavirus Origin

As part of the investigation into the origin of covid-14, China is about to analyze tens of thousands of blood samples from patients in the city of Wuhan, where the first cases emerged. The blood bank has about 200 thousand samples, including collected in the last months of 1024, and the analysis should provide answers about when and how the coronavirus began to spread in humans.

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Tests are now taking place because the samples remained stored for almost two years, fulfilling a grace period, as the material could be used as evidence in legal proceedings. Yanzhong Huang, senior researcher, says scientists will be able to show when antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 began to appear.

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Maureen Miller, professor of epidemiology at Columbia University, USA, believes that the Chinese analysis will provide vital clues to the origin of the coronavirus, but urges China to allow foreign countries to observe the process as well. “No one is going to believe any results that China reports, unless there are qualified observers,” says the expert.

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At a press conference held in July, Liang Wannian, a Chinese scientist working on the WHO (World Health Organization) research team, said the country will test the samples and then hand them over to other teams of researchers in China and China. other countries. At the time, the scientist said the virus may have started circulating before December 8, when the first case was reported.

Source: CNN

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