Waze bets on meditation to help drivers deal with chaotic traffic

Waze wants to help drivers to be more calm and relaxed while driving their vehicles through the chaotic traffic of big cities. The app has partnered with the Headspace meditation platform to help the user stay more attentive behind the wheel and overcome the stress of traffic jams. The novelty is already released since the day 11 of October, as part of the celebration of World Mental Health Day, and should be available for some time. limited.

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Drivers who want to try it must activate the theme to learn about relaxation and concentration with Headspace techniques. The experience also includes a navigation voice available in Portuguese and the possibility for the user to change the vehicle and its mood at the moment: conscious, friendly, bright, hopeful or happy.

The new moods are inspired by the arts of Headspace (Image: Disclosure/Waze)

According to the head of programs Waze brands, Erin Bellsey, the idea is to help the user to bring their awareness to the path and take the opportunity to enjoy the moment. “Often, when we drive, our mind is anywhere but on the way. Traffic can affect our mood, stress levels and physical and mental well-being,” he explains.

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For the executive, who to activate the experience may arrive at the destination with more willingness to “go to the supermarket, the gym, work or anywhere Waze takes them”. This can be a very interesting tool for Uber drivers or taxi drivers, for example, who pass by most of the day in the car, subject to traffic and the accumulated stress of everyday life.

The Headspace at Waze experience will be available in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish — to activate it , just click “My Waze” and select the campaign banner “Driving with Headspace.” In addition, Headspace has prepared a playlist with soothing custom sounds to listen to while driving: click here to listen directly to Spotify

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