12-year-old boy earns more than R$ 2 million selling cartoons as NFT

NFTs are on the rise and the market for cryptoactives is hotter than ever, which has made ordinary people become millionaires overnight. Typically, these nouveau riches are older people who have saved money, have some experience in economics, and invest in the hope of profit. But what if one of these people was a 12-year-old boy?

That’s exactly what happened in this story. Benyamin Ahmed is a pre-teen who made a small fortune selling NFT footage to market enthusiasts. Fascinated by technology and a constant consumer of content on blockchain and NFTs, the boy programmed his own set of tokens and managed to market it with great success.

#WeirdWhales #NFT pic.twitter.com/Pz4pEs03JC

— Benyamin | benoni.eth (@ObiWanBenoni) July 21, 2021

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The simple pixel art created by Ahmed, inspired by Minecraft, sold out in less than nine hours and should generate US$ 400 thousand (more than R$ 2 million) in Ethereum. The Weird Whales (Strange Whales, in free translation) collection has 3,350 NFTs and are very old-school representations of the largest mammal on the planet, each with unique colors and characteristics. The cards had no purpose other than mere collection, but that was no problem for shoppers.

The young creator of “Strange Whales” (Image: Benyamin Ahmed/Twitter)

The young man said that he invested only US$300 (R$1,500) and managed to raise 80 ETH (US$250 thousand) directly from sales and another 30 ETH, around US$94 thousand, with the gain of royalties on the transfer of the whales to other buyers. According to the CNBC portal, the project should still yield more money for the small entrepreneur, who does not plan to withdraw the money.

“I intend to keep all my ETH and not convert it into fiat currency. It may be an early proof that, in the future, not everyone will need a bank account, but only an Ethereum address and a virtual wallet”, concluded the young man.

For now, he hasn’t said if he plans to produce new NFTs, but the promising start should open the door for Benyamin Ahmed to become a celebrity in the blockchain world.

Source: CNBC, Benyamin Ahmed

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