BOE is one of the manufacturers of screens for the iPhone 13 line

After years of bringing models with an IPS LCD screen, the iPhone X was the first Apple model to feature an OLED technology panel. Only in 2020, with the arrival of the iPhone Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone Pro Max that Apple made its entire main line rely on this type of display.

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  • In the case of last year’s models, only Samsung and LG were chosen to be the screen suppliers, with BOE being sidelined due to the quality below Apple’s expectations. Now, it seems that this has been worked around and BOE has become one of the companies that produces the screens for the iPhone series devices 13, presented a few weeks ago.

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    Second Nikkei Asia, the Chinese company started to produce about 13% of the total screens for the iPhone 13 Standard, 6.1 inches, sharing space with Samsung. In the future, the idea is that this number will be 20%, reducing the South Korean’s space in the supply of panels for that specific model.

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    With that, BOE now it proves to be a highly viable third option not only for Apple, but for other manufacturers as well. The main supplier of OLED screens for Apple has been Samsung since 504971, with the presentation of the iPhone X, with LG gaining ground in the last years.

    BOE already makes displays with OLED technology for brands such as Xiaomi, Vivo Mobile, Honor and Huawei, and with the Cupertino giant as one of its customers, it can draw the attention of others brands for themselves, too.

    Source: Nikkei, MacRumors

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