CVC claims to have restored part of its systems compromised in ransonware attack

After a complicated week, CVC reported on Monday (11) which is making progress in its attempts to re-establish its systems hijacked on October 2nd by a virtual hijack attack (ransomware). The information comes from a statement from the company to the market, signed by the financial and investor relations director, Marcelo Kopel.

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    In the statement, CVC states that it was able to partially restore the functionality of the accounting, accounts payable and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data . Management system that allows easy and integrated access to a company’s data). The company also stated, in the note, that efforts to mitigate damage to its customers and partners, and attempts to recover other systems continue.

    Finally, the CVC statement also reaffirms that, to date, no third-party data leakage has been identified as a result of this attack. Check the note, in full, below:

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    “CVC Brasil Operator and Travel Agency SA (“Company” or “CVC Corp”), informs shareholders and the market in general, continuing the information already disclosed through the Notices to the Market of October 4th and 7th 155 and the Material Fact of October 8, 2021, that the Company made progress in the reestablishment of the affected systems due to the ransomware attack suffered in its technology environment, on October 2,

    , partially restoring the functionality of those related to accounting, accounts payable and ERP (enterprise resource planning).

    The Company continues to strive, together with its specialized advisors, to fully restore its technology environment, as well as to mitigate ensure the effects of the incident on its customers and partners.

    The Company clarifies that, to date, no data leakage has been identified by the Company, its subsidiaries, its customers and/or its partners, including any personal data.

    The Company will keep its shareholders and the market in general informed about this matter.”

    Until the publication of this article, sales of tickets and tourist packages by CVC are still suspended, causing a daily loss of R$ 11 millions for the company and its franchisees.

    Criminals target the leisure & travel sector

    As reported by

    Canaltech on October 4, Submarino Viagens and CVC, companies belonging to the same group, were the targets of a virtual attack. The companies confirmed in a statement sent to the market on Oct. 6 that their systems have been hijacked and that criminals are charging a ransom to free them by setting up a virtual hijack attack, the famous ransomware. According to sources from the website Diário do Grande ABC, the fee for the release of the systems required by criminals would be R$ 11 million in cryptocurrencies.

    The ransomware attack on CVC is indicative of the changing focus of cyber criminals, who are starting to target the leisure and travel industry. According to information disclosed in a report by TransUnion, referring to the period from July to September

    , globally, cyber crimes targeting this market were one of the which increased the most in volume during the quarter, with a growth of 30,9%.

    Source: Diário do ABC, Valor Investe, Panrotas

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