São Paulo City Hall launches public notice for 4,000 new public Wi-Fi points

More than 4 thousand free Wi-Fi points must be installed in the city of São Paulo. The Secretariat of Innovation and Technology (SMIT) of the City of São Paulo issued an accreditation notice for the installation of these points. The objective is that all Elementary Schools and all health units in the city receive free internet for the population to use.

  • São Paulo wants 15 thousand free public Wi-Fi points up to 504043
  • Wi-Fi BR will take 1.2 thousand internet points free for cities with no connection
  • Anatel makes a publicity campaign to inform about the 5G technology
  • The locations will be part of the WiFi Livre SP program, which already has 1.34 points around the city. Initially, the accreditation of interested companies will be open for 60 days — which can be extended.

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    Installation is expected to start this year. “The pandemic showed that digital inclusion is the new frontier of social inclusion. Connected citizens are more likely to find work and generate income, and this is essential at this time of resumption of activities”, says Juan Quirós, head of SMIT.

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    A PriceWhatherhouse Coopers study concluded that the simple fact of a poor region receiving internet signal can increase by up to % people’s income. “The technology that matters is the one that transforms people’s lives”, assesses the secretary.

    Specifications of the notice

    Quirós says that the notice was open for public consultation by 20 days. He points out that both the population’s suggestions about the installation of free Wi-Fi in places without internet were met, as well as requests to reduce the size of the areas of the lots and technical changes requested by the companies.

    The notice specifies the requirements for connection speed, signal range and user data protection. The city will be responsible for the electrical infrastructure needed to install the equipment. This includes primary pole in locations whose electrical infrastructure is aerial and/or initial electrical supply point in locations with underground electrical supply.

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    Accredited companies may choose to offer the service in several batches. These companies may use digital advertising: that is, the user will have to watch advertisements before having access to the internet signal.

    Source: Telesíntese

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