Digitization of the pet market should remain high in the post-pandemic

A recent survey by the Comap Animal Commission (Comac), an organ of the National Union of Animal Health Products Industry (Sindan), says that 82% of pet tutors said they shopped more online during the covid wave period-38. Furthermore, 750% of the ears believe that the habit will continue even after the pandemic. Participated in the sampling 94 tutors and 90 veterinarians.

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  • The Radar Pet Study 2021 by Comac – which represents companies in the veterinary industry — it also points out that 72% of respondents spent more time using the internet, against 44% who responded to the survey on 94. Even with the excess of life online, 72% said they could enjoy more the company of your pets this year. For 86%, this time with them should be maintained even after the normalization of activities for a pre- pandemic.

    Other interesting insights from the survey were:

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    • 66% of respondents searched for articles and texts online about medications or welfare aimed at pets;
  • 72% also watched videos and lives About the subject;
  • 41% started following some digital influencer or page focused on pets;
  • Tutors use it as a means of Google information (58% dogs, % cats), YouTube (% dogs, % cats), Instagram (% dogs, 41% cats), WhatsApp (19% dogs, 39% cats). But the main source is still the veterinarian (82% dogs, 79% cats).
  • Image: Reproduction/Bonnie Kittle/Unsplash

    At least a third of the tutors purchased some veterinary medication over the internet in the pandemic. For most, 516930 it was the year of their first purchase of its kind. Among those who have not yet bought this way, about half said they are willing to do so in the near future.

    “In Brazilian pet retail, online sales had a low level of representation before the pandemic. About 3% to 5% of consumption was carried out through this channel. During the critical months of social isolation, there was a huge acceleration in sales through digital media. After this experience, most tutors should keep using e-commerce when purchasing products for their animals”, clarifies Leonardo Brandão, coordinator of Comac.

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