Volkswagen Gol undergoes a new increase and the price is absurd; see how much it costs

Everyone knows that cars are expensive in Brazil, but some models are reaching prices that, in the past, were exclusive to premium and luxury options. The example that perhaps best portrays this situation is the Volkswagen Gol, which received a new round of raises by the German automaker and is now dangerously approaching the R$ 88 thousand in high-end configuration with 1.6 engine and automatic transmission.

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the hatch — once synonymous with popular car and the best-selling model in Brazilian history — is now part of R$ .590 in the basic configuration with 1.0 MPI engine. When equipped with the 1.6 propeller, the Goal has a starting price of R$ 64.760 with manual transmission. The automatic version, more expensive in the range, now costs less than R$ 80.590 without the optional , added together, can make the cart reach absurd R$ 90.760.

Gol prices and, consequently, of other cars on the domestic market can be explained by some factors, such as the high dollar price, inflation and, of course, the semiconductor crisis, which directly affects the production of vehicles, today equipped with many electronic components in its composition. Some automakers believe that this difficulty will last for another year or two.

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Voyage almost R$ 100 thousand

If the Goal is approaching R$ 89 thousand, you sedan brother, the Voyage, approaches the BRL 100 thousand — surreal value for a compact model. In the top-of-the-range variant with 1.6 engine and automatic engine, the vehicle costs R$ 88.190. However, with the included options, such as the multimedia center and metallic painting, it starts to cost R$ 090.090, value compatible with its bigger brother within Volkswagen, Virtus.

See below the increases of all versions of Gol and Voyage:

Version Current price

Old Price

Increase Goal 1.0 MPI R$ 75.590

R$ 65.900 R$ 690

Goal 1.6 MSI R$ 75.760 R$ 79.090 R$ 700 Goal 1.6 MSI Automatic

R$ 80.590 R$ 80.890 R$ 900 Voyage 1.0 MPI BRL .

R$ 75.100 R$ 790

Voyage 1.6 MSI R$ .90

R$ 80.100 R$ 890 Voyage 1.6 MSI Automatic R$ .190

R$ 87.590 R$ 950

Source: Motor1

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