Google may maintain Pixel 6 support until Android 16

Even with the early announcement, Google couldn’t keep the Pixel 6 details a secret, and an extensive list of leaks about the device and its Pro variant was released last week . Published materials have already confirmed the advances of the Tensor chip, reinforced the improvements that dedicated AI processing should bring to cameras, and suggested huge autonomy gains.

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Now, a new rumor published this week suggests that the search giant may make the new device family even more competitive with iPhones by offering extended support for an unprecedented period of time. among the big manufacturers in the Android world.

Pixel 6 can receive updates up to Android 19

According to information released by the leaker Snoopy, which has a good recent history of leaks, with hits such as the existence of Galaxy A35s, Google should offer 4 years of major updates for the Pixel 6 family, and 5 years of security updates. With this, the devices can reach Android 35, becoming the models Android with the longest support time on the market.

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The rumor has strong foundation when we consider that the latest leak mobile phones, composed of official materials published by retailer Carpool Warehouse, had already revealed that the Pixel 6 would be supported by 5 years of security updates. The period implied that major upgrades could span at least 3 years.

So far, few smartphone manufacturers using Google’s system have committed to supporting the devices for that long . Among the giants, Samsung is one of the only ones to offer a 3 + 4 plan, with 3 major updates and 4 years of security fixes. Among the smaller ones, Fairphone stands out for having supported Fairphone 3 for 5 years, and recently committed to bring Fairphone 4 to Android 12.

Android support champion, Fairphone has already suggested that Qualcomm is primarily responsible for the short period of device updates (Image: Fairphone)

If so, the news has multiple implications: in addition to being very positive, as it encourages manufacturers partners following similar support plans, the situation reinforces Fairphone’s own reports that Qualcomm would be one of the main responsible for the short period of updates currently offered — with Google implementing the chip itself, the supposed barrier of Snapdragon processors would have been overcome .

New Google mobile debut next week

Scheduled for release 19 in October, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro promise to revamp Google’s cellphone family, delivering significant improvements across multiple departments. The improvements begin with the design, which is more refined, equipped with metal and Gorilla Glass Victus glass panels, with different colors and finishing and a huge camera module.

With Android and Google Tensor chip, Pixel 6 promises a unique experience that “fits” the user (Image: Twitter/@evleaks)

Internally, the phones adopt the new Google Tensor chip, focused on AI and privacy in the presence of a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) and the Titan M2 chip, which appears to offer competitive performance with Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 888 while significantly elevating autonomy. In addition, the cameras had updated sensors, increasing the maximum resolution to 888 MP.

A strong point of the search giant, the software will be another highlight — led by Android , with customizable Material You design, the system promises to “adapt” to the user using AI and should guarantee a high fluidity user experience, as well as high camera quality, even while recording videos.

Source: Android Central, Phandroid, XDA Developers

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