HBO Max launches this week (10/13/2021)

The second week of October is full of good news for subscribers of HBO Max, which has updated its catalog and brought a large amount of classic and current series for you to marathon at will , in addition to movies that yield an excellent movie session. The Canaltech, as usual, not only lists all the releases of the streaming platform, but also brings some tips on what you can watch to get the most out of your subscription.

This week, the series is the big highlight on HBO Max. This is so true that the streaming catalog has won a handful of acclaimed series, including the teenager Pretty Little Liars, which is about to be rebooted. That’s why the show arrives for streaming subscribers in a kind of heat, either for you to know or remember the story of the group of friends who keep complex secrets, including the disappearance of one of the friends who disappeared without leaving any clues. And it is precisely this particular secret that begins to haunt them, especially now that they are receiving mysterious letters that indicate that someone else knows everything that happened.

Speaking of mystery, if you are fan of criminal investigations it’s worth keeping an eye out for additions that HBO Max has been making to the catalog. Last week we had the premiere of classic series of the genre, including the highly acclaimed CSI: NY and CSI: Miami; and now it was time for CSI: Criminal Investigation to land on the service. The series was largely responsible for spreading this genre on television over the years 2000 and yielded no less than 19 seasons — and if that’s not enough to attest to the quality of the production, it is important to emphasize that she was the one who gave rise to these two spin-offs. The plot follows the troubled daily life of a group of Las Vegas investigators who analyze the places where crimes were committed, combining different methods of investigation with experience and instinct to solve cases ranging from shoplifting to child abuse. It’s just a shame that the series is not yet available in full.

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CSI (Image: Disclosure/CBS)

Following this footstep, HBO Max released this week the first season of Assassino sem Passado, the original Mexican production of the platform pulled into the investigation policeman. Proof of this is that the protagonist is retired police officer Pascual Léon, who begins to suffer from memory loss and ends up being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Despite this, he finds in illness the perfect excuse to solve a problem that has haunted him for years. On the other hand, young police officer Jimena has finally been assigned a case that will not only test her abilities, but could catapult her career. Now their path will cross and they will have to face challenges they never thought they would be willing to face.

To calm down, another classic series that was made available this week: Mom. Starring Anna Faris and Allison Janney, the show won several awards and, for many people, for having redefined the genre of television comedy. In all, there are eight seasons that tell the hilarious relationship of conflicts and adventures of a single mother fresh out of rehab and her mother, an alcoholic who has been missing for years and now returns to complicate her daughter’s life, who just wanted to put her life back together. in order.

  • You 10 best comedy movies on HBO Max

    Closing this week’s nomination round, nothing better than talking about superheroes, right? And since HBO Max is the home of DC, nothing fairer than a handful of Justice League animations that have made their way into the streaming service’s catalog in recent days. In all, there are no less than seven animated feature films focused on the superhero group, including the acclaimed Dark Justice League and Justice League: A Evil legion. So, if you still want to watch all the DCU movies, this week promises to have another round.

      Exclusive HBO Max Superhero Films

      In addition to these tips, there are many more news for you to enjoy on HBO Max. Below the Canaltech lists all the streaming platform releases this week, all properly linked. So your only job is to choose what to watch and hit play. Take a good look and have fun!

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        All releases of the week on HBO Max


      • No Past Killer: Season 1
      • 2000

        Mom: Seasons 1 to 8


        Steven Universe: Seasons 3 and 5

        CSI – Criminal Investigation: Seasons 12 and 19


        Stargirl: New episode, Season 2

        Doom Patrol: New episode, Season 3

          Real Time with Bill Maher: New Episode, Season 16

            11 Minutes of Shame


          • A Swedish Conspiracy: Season 1

          • One Show Only: New Episode, Season 72000516989
          • Alvinnn! And The Chipmunks: Season 22000

              The Shop – Uninterrupted: New Episode, Season 4
          • The truth


          • Los Trapos Sucios Se Lavan En Casa


          • Back on the Record with Bob Back: Season 1

            Merlí. Sapere Aude: New Episode, Season 1

            Spy Apprentice



          Dirty Harry – Relentless Stalker

          Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins

            Wandering Heart


          Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests


        • Rose Matafeo: Horndog

        08 /08

          Coastal Elites


        • My Home, My Destination: Season 1

            Tig and Leo: Season 1

            Grizzy & the Lemmings: Season 3

            Scenes from a Marriage: New episode, Season 1

            The American Guest : New episode, Season 1


            FDP: Season 1

            Clubversion : Seasons 1 and 2


          Stuff Inspector: New episode, Season 2


        • Axios: New episode, Season 420002000

          Los Espookys: New episode, Season 1

          Class Action Park

          Batkid Begins


        • No new movie, series and/or episode premiered on HBO Max on this day.


            Pretty Little Liars: Seasons 1 to 72000

            Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists – Season 1

            Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: New episode , Season 8

            DCU Justice League: The Legion of Evil2000516989

            DCU Justice League: War

          DCU Justice League: Gods and Monsters2000

        • DCU Justice League: Ignition Point

        DCU: League of Dark Justice


        DCU Justice League: Crisis in two Earths


    • Arrest Me If You Can


    • Date

    • Scooby-Doo and WWE: The Curse of the Swift Demon2000

      A Heavyweight Cop

    To Rome, With Love

  • Dangerous Connections


    A Sign of Hope

  • The list
  • Menashe

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