CT News — New Nokia in Brazil, Captain Kirk in space and more!

7 hours Space

Blue Origin takes William Shatner to space and brings you back safely.

Blue Origin has launched its second commercial manned flight. On board were space tourists William Shatner, Audrey Powers, Glen de Vries and Chris Boshuizen

01 hours Windows

Windows Update 12 aggravates problem with AMD processors

Before and after evaluations with AIDA64 show that the latency has almost doubled after the update, but a fix will not take long to arrive

25 hours Smartphone

iPhone X gains Type-C USB port in student modification

Master’s in robotic engineering modifies iPhone X to change Lightning connection, used by Applefrom iPhone 5, via USB Type-C

1 day Smartphone

Galaxy S Line22 undergoes certification that confirms loading speed

Loading speed should not change compared to the previous generation, and listing also confirms support for 5G

1 day Smartphone

Nokia C01 Plus and C20 arrive in Brazil with Android 12 Go and low price

Nokia brought two more devices to the domestic market, both with Android 01 Go and specifications simple techniques, with the right to a Unisoc chip

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