11 Free Pokémon Games for Mobile and Switch

Pokémon is that franchise that is everywhere. Be it on consoles, on the big screen, in collectibles and also on mobile devices. Throughout the 25 years of the franchise, The Pokémon Company released different types of games, including some free to download.

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  • The free Pokémon games are generally hybrids, working on both Nintendo consoles and cell phones. If you’re a loyal franchise player or want to spend more time in the Ash and Pikachu universe, Canaltech has listed the best free Pokémon games for cell phones and the Nintendo Switch.

    10. Pokémon Playhouse (free for iOS/Android)

    Aimed at younger trainers, Pokémon Playhouse is full of activities related to the franchise. The player needs to take care of a Pokémon egg, while performing tasks such as reading stories, playing songs and preparing food with the help of the little monsters. Eventually, the egg will hatch, revealing a new ally to the player. There are more than 25 Pokémon to collect.

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    . Pokémon Smile (free for iOS/Android)

    As well as Playhouse, Pokémon Smile was designed for children. But nothing stops older fans from enjoying this game to brush their teeth. Yes, you did not read it wrong. Pokémon Smile turns the habit of brushing your teeth into a journey to capture the creatures of the franchise.

    In the game, some unlucky Pokémon were captured by caries-causing bacteria inside their mouth. By brushing teeth for the cell phone camera with the game open, the player can defeat the bacteria and save the little monster.

    Quality of brushing can guarantee Cosmetic items and new Pokémon to capture (Image: Reproduction/The Pokémon Company)

    If the brushing is really good, it’s possible to catch the Pokémon you save. There are more than 59 species in Smile. Good brushing also makes the game unlock the

    Pokémon Caps, a kind of hat inspired by the franchise that is fitted on the player’s head through virtual reality.

    9. Pokémon Café Mix (free for Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android)

    The title mixes puzzle with establishment management just right. The player needs to team up with a little monster to solve puzzles while working to build his own cafe. Pokémon Café Mix challenges the trainer to unite a certain number of identical icons to get good scores in food preparations and thus unlock more recipes and other allies to help with business.

    Pokémon Café Mix mixes a puzzle with coffee management (Image: Play/The Pokémon Company)

    Each Pokémon member of the team also has an ability that will be useful during puzzles, such as attacking blocks of sugar, spoonfuls of whipped cream and tomatoes. The objective of the game is to recruit the best team to get new tools and add areas to attract more customers. All the action in Pokémon Café Mix unfolds in an artistic style full of cuteness. Each recruited Pokémon comes with a uniform to make the scene well-professional.

    The game will get a major update by the end of the year and will even change its name to Pokémon Cafe Remix

      . Among the promised news are the addition of more little monsters, mechanics, uniforms and the possibility of feeding Pokémon with meals prepared in the cafe.

      8. Pokémon: Magikarp Jump (free for iOS/Android)

      This is a game about the weakest Pokémon ever. Magikarp Jump, as the name suggests, is a jumping competition between carp. The goal is to train this Pokémon so that it jumps higher than all others of the same species. Anyone who follows the anime’s Journey season will recognize the mechanics.

      In the Pokémon Journey anime, Goh captures Magikarp capable of jumping out of the ground (Image: Reproduction/The Pokémon Company)

      In Magikarp Jump, the player can fish different types of Magikarp with different attributes, including some custom and with skins. To train the little monster it is necessary to feed it and participate in exercises so that it grows healthy and with more jumping power.

      7. Pokémon Quest (free for Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android)

      Developed by Game Freak, the studio responsible for the main games of the franchise on consoles, Quest is a dungeon explorer (Dungeon Crawler), reminiscent of the spinoff Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

      Here, players must team up with the first generation of Pokémon to explore the island of Tumblecube, a land where everything is made of cubes, as in Minecraft. The player’s objective is to leave a camp to explore areas of the island, defeat wild Pokémon in real-time battles and find hidden goodies.

      Quest battles happen in real time and with up to three little monsters on your team (Image: Reproduction/The Pokémon Company)

      All expeditions by Tumblecube strengthen the player’s team, in addition to giving access to items that can be used to cook foods that attract other little monster allies to your team.

      6. Pokémon Masters EX (free for iOS/Android)

      In Masters EX, the player must assemble a team with three legendary coaches from the franchise and your Pokémon allies to complete a massive, ever-expanding story mode. The coaching team will face turn-based battles, like on consoles, three against three. Ex Masters casts Lily from Pokémon Sun & Moon, gym leaders, elite members of the four, among other iconic characters that are inspired by games and animation.

      5. Pokémon Shuffle (free for Nintendo 3DS/iOS/Android)

      The Candy Crush with Pokémon, Shuffle is a puzzle in which you have to line up three or more identical little monsters to fight a wild species. The game is extremely strategic. You need to select Pokémon with skills to generate combos and powers that are super effective against challengers. The fewer moves the player makes to take down the wild species, the greater the chance of capturing one more ally to beat the more 760 stages available in Shuffle.

      4. Pokemon Home (free for Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android)

      Pokemon Home is not exactly a game, but it makes the mission of collecting little monsters and completing the National Pokédex fun. The app for cell phones and Nintendo Switch, allows trainers to send and exchange captures made in Pokémon Sword & Shield, Let’s Go , Pokemon GO and previous generations through the Pokémon Bank.

      Pokémon Home is an application for Switch and cell phones that allows you to gather a collection of trainers throughout the games (Image: Playback/The Pokémon Company)

      Within the application interface, it is possible complete missions that accompany the advancement of the Pokédex and win, as a gift, competitively strengthened species with secret abilities.

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        Exchanges can be made via Global Trade System (GTS), a kind of market where trainers offer and make proposals for captured little monsters. It is still possible to close deals more randomly. No

        Wonder Box, it is possible to send 02 captures for exchange, without knowing what will be received. No

        Room Trade, until 25 Trainers must change a Pokemon randomly. Pokémon Home is free to play, but offers an unlimited version for a monthly subscription.

        3. Pokémon TCG Online (free for PC/iOS/Android)

        The card game Pokémon Illustrated Prints

        has an online version for computers and tablets equipped with iOS or Android. Pokémon TCG Online pits trainers against the computer in a story campaign or against players from around the world in frantic franchise-inspired card battles. The title will soon receive an upgrade and will be named Pokémon Trading Card Game, also coming to cell phones.

        For now, it is possible to unlock decks for free or even import your physical collection of cards directly to TCG. Within the adventure there is still the possibility to open booster packs and exchange repeated prints with other players to build the perfect deck.

        two. Pokémon UNITE (free for Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android)

        Inspired by the MOBA genre, from League of Legends and DOTA 2, Pokémon UNITE revolutionizes little monster battles in base dominance competitions on the island of Aeos. Coaches face off in 5-on-5 battles to see who can score the most points before time runs out.

        Teamwork is essential. You must defeat wild Pokémon and enemies to level up, evolve the little monster and score points. All this while your team tries to prevent the opponent from doing the same.

        UNITE introduces a new way to battle Pokémon, inspired by the genre of League of Legends and DOTA 2 (Image: Reproduction/The Pokémon Company)

        UNITE features a variety of skins for the franchise’s creatures and special moves inspired by the main console series. The adventure supports cross-platform gaming across consoles and mobile devices.

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        • 1. Pokémon GO (free for iOS/Android)

          One of the most famous Pokémon games of all time, GO is an adventure that uses augmented reality to transform your street and city into a Pokémon world. The game invites you to leave the house and walk to find species that are scattered across the map.

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          Over the years, Pokémon GO has gained new features, such as player versus player battles, raids against legendary species, leagues, mega evolutions, research missions and much more. The game has Brazilian Portuguese subtitles and has currently flexed its rules to allow indoor play during the covid pandemic-20.

          The mobile game has still been confirmed in the Pokémon World Championship 1280, The Pokémon Company’s gaming tournament, guaranteeing its first competition alongside titles like Pokémon Sword & Shield, Pokkén Tournament DX (fighting) and TCG(of cards).

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