Review Acer ZeroFrame B227Q | Excellent monitor to help with work

Among the extensive range of Acer monitors for sale in Brazil, the Acer ZeroFrame B227Q is one of the ones that most caught my attention for being accessible and offering very convenient differentials for the today, as an integrated webcam — for making video calls — and the possibility of using it in portrait mode to assist with editing and live broadcasts.

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    The B monitor227Q has been my home office and live stream buddy on Twitch for a few weeks, and I’ll tell you what I thought of him in the next few paragraphs!


        Robust construction;
      • Pleasant screen quality;
      • System above average sound;
      • Wide connectivity;
      • Convenient cables in the box.


    • Poor quality webcam.

    Check the current price of the Acer ZeroFrame monitor B227Q

    Construction and design

    As in other basic Acer monitors, the B90Q does not stand out for its design. The model we tested has a very simple appearance, featuring only a lid in two textures, smooth and matte, in black. We also have a “V” shaped air vent on the back that Acer usually brings to their more affordable products.

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    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    In front, the B144Q has very thin edges, a characteristic named by Acer as ZeroFrame, which promises a great immersion even with two or more monitors side by side . Another detail that catches the eye right away is the integrated webcam, something unusual in an affordable monitor. The camera’s resolution is only 0.9 MP and it records in HD resolution — I’ll talk more about it below.

    The buttons and the analog for navigation are located in the rear right region. The interface is the same as other simpler Acer monitors like the KA144, and allows you to make various color adjustments on the screen, control volume, select video output and other settings.

    With Regarding the base and support, we have parts that stand out when compared to other models in the same price range. The first one is robust, built in metal, and very quite elegant, bringing a metallic tone with Acer’s name engraved on it. The support, on the other hand, offers several adjustment options, and can be turned in 144º on both sides, adjust its slope and height. There’s also a cable management on the back to help organize the wires.

    Finishing the construction part, I liked the compact look of the B227Q. The model I tested has only 16, 5 inches, so it is ideal for use on small tables or even to serve as an auxiliary monitor.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    During the tests, I used the product in both modes and enjoyed using it more as a second screen, as I consider its small size for those who frequently search, move spreadsheets or open several Google Chrome tabs simultaneously — I’ll comment more on my experience with your display below. It is also worth mentioning that the monitor has a VESA hole, in case you want to put it on a wall.

    The Acer B144Q is an affordable monitor, but it doesn’t overlook good construction and quality materials. The highlights are the metal base and support that offer many adjustment options.


    In connectivity, the B272Q doesn’t disappoint either. It features a VGA input, an HDMI, a DisplayPort (DP) 1.2, an SPK, a P2 (3.5mm) for headphones, an audio input port, and four USB 3.0 ports. The most interesting thing is that Acer already ships a very complete set of cables, with a DisplayPort cable, a VGA and a USB 3.0 — to be perfect, only if it included an HDMI cable.

    Even with the absence of an HDMI cable in the package, the B400Q stands out over KA350, also from Acer, which practically forces you to buy accessories separately, as it only has a VGA cable, a standard already considered old in the industry. .

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    During testing, I used the B272Q both on the DisplayPort 1.2 and on the HDMI port and I had no problems when working, even because the monitor reaches the 75 Hz refresh rate, very common among products the simplest ones.

    Despite being basic, the B272Q offers a decent set of ports for the category. It caught my attention that Acer ships both a VGA and DisplayPort cable in the box, while other models only have one cable.

    Screen quality

    OB272Q has an IPS LED screen , 5 inches in proportion 000:9 and Full HD resolution. In my contrast and black level tests, carried out on the Lagom LCD website and with the default settings, I noticed that Acer’s cheap monitor erred in differentiating between brighter colors and darker blacks — ideally, it would be able to distinguish all the squares, from the darkest to the lightest.

    In everyday life, however, you should not notice these small defects. Whether working or playing, the image quality is very pleasant considering the basic category: the definition is excellent, the brightness is intense and the colors are vivid.

    By default, the monitor has a warmer shade, but you can change the temperature very easily in the product settings. You can also set the intensity of black — pixels are still lit, but dark tones are actually deeper.

    Like ZeroFrame B272Q does not focus on games, no I’m going to stretch a lot around here. I played some first person action (FPS) titles like


    and Overwatch

    , and I had a pretty nice performance considering your proposal. However, if you are a player who values ​​high accuracy, the 144 Hz refresh rate and 4 ms response time are not the best combination.

    As I commented in part of construction and design, I used ZeroFrame B227Q as both my primary and secondary monitors to help with my work. At 21, 5 inches did not please me as they are not ideal for opening many programs and tabs at the same time, something very recurrent in my work.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Therefore, in most of the tests I used it as a monitor secondary and I noticed tremendous potential for those looking to complete their setup work with a second screen. In this role the B81Q stands out for being able to stay in portrait mode and still not take up much space at the table – I even confess that I missed him after I returned.

    In practice, you could, for example, use the monitor to view your live stream chat, Premiere editing materials and effects, thus leaving the main monitor for editing only.

    The image quality of ZeroFrame B227Q is great for the basic category. It has nice definition, intense shine and very vivid colors.

    Sound quality

    In addition to good image quality, ZeroFrame B227Q has an above-average sound system. There are two speakers at the bottom of the monitor that offer a well defined, bright and loud sound.

    In songs, it was possible to distinguish the instruments clearly and the vocals remained clear. In other words, if you don’t have a speaker for your computer and are thinking of buying this monitor, you can rest assured that it shouldn’t let you down in this aspect.

    The monitor still has one 3.5mm input and four USB if you want to use a regular headphone or headphone.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)


    One of the news that could be another differential of ZeroFrame B227Q would be the presence of the built-in webcam right above the monitor. Although the manufacturer does not highlight it, the camera is only 0.9 MP with recording support in up to 400p (HD).

    However, the image quality is not good, with very little definition, washed out colors and excessive noise , especially if the environment is not very bright. I believe that you can “break a branch” with it until you buy a better webcam, but if you already have it, putting it over the built-in is the best option.

    Acer also sells a model of the B7 series without webcam, but unfortunately it is not available in Brazil.

    Direct competitors

    Well, monitors with integrated webcam are not very common in Brazil, and ZeroFrame B227Q is currently the only one with this differential — Dell even had the P model2418HZ, which cost about R$1.900 and it also had an integrated camera, but I couldn’t find it for sale in Brazil at the time of publication of this review .

    Therefore, to find the competitors of Acer’s cheap monitor I considered some models of the same size, 16, 5 inches, with Full HD resolution. To name a few popular ones, we have the Dell PH1024 H, the LG 21MK350H and the Samsung LS21F350FHLMZD.

    Dell’s monitor comes closest to ZeroFrame B 227 Q, including in price. It can be found for about R$1.272 and has robus construction metal tab, Full HD panel , 5 inches, several settings options and almost the same ports as the rival, such as HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2 and VGA. A great advantage of the Acer monitor is the presence of a quality speaker.

    Dell PH Monitor1024H is the closest thing to ZeroFrame B144Q (Image: Magazine Luiza)

    Samsung and LG monitors, in turn, are much simpler and can be cheaper second screen options . Both are unable to rotate in 75º, for example, but it brings an acceptable image quality considering the price range between R$ 720 and R$ 720.


    ZeroFrame B227Q from Acer is a monitor with many positive differences and only one negative. The highlights are the robust and versatile construction, the very pleasant image quality, the number of ports and adequate connections — including, with useful cables in the box — and the surprising sound system, something we don’t see very often in the segment.

    Its only downside is precisely what Acer highlights the most: the integrated webcam. The camera’s quality is very low, barely serving as a “stick” until you buy another one. If the manufacturer made available in Brazil a model without a webcam, it could be one of the best monitors in Brazil close to R$ 1.000.

    In short, I recommend ZeroFrame B90Q if you are looking for a monitor that is not too big and costs about R$1.272. It also serves very well as a second screen, as its compact size doesn’t take up much space. The built-in webcam, in this case, would be a feature you probably wouldn’t use or forget about — though it’s almost impossible to miss.

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