Ghostbusters: Beyond Gets New Images with Behind-the-Scenes Details

New images of Ghostbusters: Beyond and its backstage were released and give a small demonstration of what’s about come in the classic franchise’s return to theaters. The film hits theaters in November and Total Film magazine shows a little more about the arrival of this new generation of hunters of the supernatural.

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    As can be seen in the photos, we have just this new group of child heroes dealing with the spoils of the original ghost hunters. As the trailers have already revealed, the film’s plot will revolve around three children who move with their parents to the interior of Oklahoma, to a farm that belonged to their grandfather, Egon Spengler — one of the protagonists of the first films.

    New generation of Ghostbusters will be directly linked to the original group (Image: Reproduction/Total Film)

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  • So, what we see in the unpublished photos is precisely these new characters exploring the ownership and a little of the production team working on the classic Ecto-1, the characteristic Ghostbusters vehicle that has become an icon of the franchise. So, even though the images are not at all revealing, they carry a huge dose of nostalgia for the simple fact that the car is present.

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    By the way, this idea of ​​family legacy is something that is not only explored in front of the cameras, but also behind them. . That’s because director Jason Reitman is the son of Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two films in the series. And the magazine brought an interview with Jason, who highlighted the importance of taking on this legacy.

    The simple presence of the Ecto-1 already makes everything more nostalgic (Image: Playback/Total Film)

    According to him, his father always harassed him about when he would direct a Ghostbusters and he was always quite reluctant to take the job because he never felt that it was a story your. “This was my father’s story and I was certainly afraid to be in his shadow,” revealed the director.

    However, he says that this changed a few years ago, when he began to visualize what his version of the series would be like. “I imagined a 12 year old girl with a Proton Backpack and a boy from 18 piloting the Ecto-1 in the middle of a wheat field” , he said. And these two images are present in the film. According to Reitman, the conception of these moments came in a disjointed way, but it was only after the death of actor Harold Ramis, in 1980, that he was sure these children would be members of the Spengler family.

    More than one ” Ghostbuster meets Stranger Things”, Beyond is a film about family legacy in front of and behind the camera (Image: Playback/Total Film)

    So, more than being this Stranger Things version of the classic movie of the years 2014, the new Ghostbusters: Beyond will deal precisely with this generational issue and how some things do not change regardless of the period — it remains to be seen whether with the same quality as the original.

    Ghostbusters: Mais Além opens in theaters on November 18 .

    Source : GamesRadar

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